Golf betting: The best bookmaker for betting on golf – Golf News

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in the world and it is a great game for betting. Why is that? Well, every week there are lots of golf events around the world, which means there will always be some tournaments where you can bet. In addition, there are plenty of golf markets out there for betting, which means monotony will never lift its ugly head. In the following article, we are going to look at some quality sportsbooks for betting on this great game. You will find the bookies mentioned below provided by Betinirland, a top-quality comparison site.

William Hill: The best bookmaker for overall golf betting

In our opinion, the best bookmaker for betting on golf is William Hill. Why do we think this? Well, when it comes to the range of golf events, in-play betting, betting terms in every way, and the diversity of the golf betting market, we feel that William Hill is leading the way in all of them.

Think of a golf event, and you’ll be able to find different markets and quality adversities for William Hill. For example, when playing the Rider Cup, one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments in the world, you will be able to find around 40 different markets for it at William Hill.

To top it off, they have a very nice welcome bonus where if you place a 10 bet on an event using the promotional code “H30”, you get two free bets worth £ 15 each. You can use these free bets at any sporting event of your choice, but we strongly recommend that you use them at a golf event if you have a game when you decide to register.

Biwin: The best golf odds

If you are only looking for the best adversity, it is difficult to lose Bwin. New golf bettors will believe that the odds on offer are the same in every sportsbook, but our experienced golf betting fans will know that this is not the case. When you are betting on golf or any other sport, it is important that you do so with the utmost disadvantage because this way you can be sure that you can get the maximum profit possible if your bet is won. .

Although all the bookmakers you mentioned in this article offer their punters competitive adversity for all the games they have on offer, Buin is known for the maximum adversity around. Sometimes, you might think that the difference is not too much, but if you miss the odds of just 0.50 to win the bet every time, you will still lose a fair amount of money in one year.

PaddyPower: Best every way terms

When it comes to terms of every way, you often see a lot more variety in golf betting than any other type of sport. The usual conditions for a golf tournament with most sports betting sites are four places with 1/4 odds, but there are some bookmakers who will pay seven or eight places with 1/5 odds for a big golf event. When it comes to generous space terms for golf events, PaddyPower is the sportsbook that shows the way because they often offer eight places out of 1/5 for all PGA Tour events. So, if you want to bet every-way on golf events, be sure to check them out.

However, it is important to know that if you bet long in advance you will find the same terms with all bookmakers. Bookmakers often start changing the terms of each of their ways to stay away from the crowds a week before the start of the tournament.

Bet365: Early Monday differences

Golf betting markets are established on Mondays since European / PGA tournaments often start on Thursdays, which means you will be able to find adversity when you can use it. If you are ready and know who you want to bet on, then you should place your bet on Monday because this is the time when they will offer the biggest odds.

Not all sports betting sites are as fast as each other when it comes to expressing their disadvantages to their punters and Bet365 is known to be the fastest. So, if you are the type of golf betting punter who likes to place your bets as soon as possible and take advantage of the beginner-bird differences, then Bet365 is definitely a sports betting site with which you should consider opening an account.

If you decide to sign up with Bet365, they have a quality welcome bonus that you can take advantage of. If you place a £ 10 bet, you will receive a £ 50 bet credit that you can use in any game of your choice. It’s always great to have the opportunity to win some money without risking your own hard earned cash.

Unibet: Best First Round Leader Odds

As we mentioned above, golf is a great game for betting because all the top sports betting sites will offer a variety of markets where you can make your money. Betting on the winner of an event can be fun, but if it’s the only thing you can bet on, things will get boring very quickly.

One of the most popular markets for golf betting is the first round leader market, a market where you place bets on players who you think will win after the first round. This is a market that you will be able to find on any sports betting site that is serious about golf betting, but the odds will vary from bookie to bookie. From our experience, we have seen that Unibet is a sportsbook that offers the best prospects for the first round leader market every week. So, be sure to check them out to see if this is the kind of bet you enjoy making.

If you decide to sign up with Unibet, they have a welcome bonus where you can bet up to £ 40 on a result and if it turns out to be a losing bet, you will get your partnership back in a free bet shape. In addition to this, you will get 10 which you can use in their casino.

Top 10 Golfers of All Time – Golf News

Golf is in the top ten most popular sports in the world. It has about 450 million fans in Western Europe, East Asia and North America. The game is to try to keep a small ball in a hole with fewer strokes. Golf is more popular among adults. Of course, this game has a high level of viewers among the best and top class men at https: //

What do we know about golf?

Golf is rich in tradition and history. Originally, it came from Scotland. It will be interesting to note that the term “golf” originated in the Netherlands. Their word “calf” or “colve” means “club”. Although golf is a competitive sport, there are general etiquettes that must be followed.

The best golfer of all time

Byron Nelson Known as the greatest ball striker of all time. Known for his swing, he has won 11 consecutive titles on the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) Tour! That guy had a dream and it wasn’t just about golf. When Nelson left home with নামে 2,000 in his name, he was dreaming of his own farm in Texas. He never imagined that playing golf was enough to make a living and then something else. He retired at the age of 34, noting that he had done what he needed to do to make his dream come true.

Tom Watson One of the most stable professional golfers. He has won the PGA Tour 39 times in an aggressive and fast manner. Tom has been named top five-time winner and six-time PGA Player of the Year. Now he is mostly playing in the 50-over Champions Tour. He has won it 14 more times.

Arnold Palmer A golfer who used offbeat swing and offensive play methods to become one of the legendary golfers from the late 1950s to the mid-1960s. He was the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament four times and the first athlete to earn $ 1 million in tournament prizes. A leading figure in the world of golf, Arnie’s Army has won 92 tournaments, including 62 on the PGA Tour.

Not just sports but drugs. Golf is just as breathtaking.

There are good reasons to say that golf courses are spectacular Course designers select beautiful locations and then refine, preserve, and display them at their best. Most golfers say they like the game Even if things don’t go well, they play in beautiful places, enjoy the beautiful landscape, while gamblers try their luck in 2022 No Deposit Bonus Online Casino Offers Total Guide.


Golf allows for the experience of new and different courses. At the same time, playing golf creates a number of opportunities to explore new countries and places, including a great golf course as a starting point for a memorable trip. And betting on golf at online casinos also makes you feel thrilled!

Tiger Woods set to play 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am Adare Manor – Golf News

Tournament organizers have confirmed that 15-time Major Champion Tiger Woods will participate in the 2022 JP McManus Pro-Amরে on July 4 in Adare Manor.M – 5M.

Woods, who has won 82 PGA Tours and led the official World Golf Rankings for a record 683 weeks in his career, will join a world-class field of players including Rory McIlroy, Colin Marikawa, John Rahm, Justin Thomas, Leona Maguire. , Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, Mark Wahlberg, Niall Horan and many more.

Following an unforgettable return to competitive golf at the Masters last weekend, this will be Woods’ fourth appearance at a fund-raising event that supports charities across the Midwest of Ireland.

Tournament host, JP McManus, expressed his delight at the news: “Tiger has been a great friend and ardent supporter of Pro-Amer for a long time and we are thrilled that he is committed to playing in the tournament again. Her presence at Adare Manor will undoubtedly bring huge excitement to thousands of visitors and we are extremely grateful to her for giving us her free time to stay with us. We would like to thank all our players, DP World Tour, volunteers and ticket cap holders for their continued support at the event as we strive to raise significant funds for charities in the region. ”

Ticket tender

Organizers have also announced a one-ticket tender for the sold-out event, with 100 tickets on offer at a minimum price of € 250 per ticket.

Anyone wishing to bid for tickets (in cap form) or for multiple tickets is asked to email [email protected] with their offer, full name and phone number. The highest bidder will each have the opportunity to purchase tickets at the offer price they have submitted.

The internationally recognized Pro-Am has helped raise more than € 140 million for charities in the Midwestern region of Ireland since its founding in 1990, and has attracted many of the world’s top players and celebrities to participate in Tom Fazio’s redesigned golf course. All funds raised are distributed among their full beneficiaries.

Tiger Woods – Real Golf GOAT – Golf News

When we talk about legendary athletes, the first images that come to mind are Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Lionel Messi and Tiger Woods. Although golf doesn’t get the same attention as other sports, Woods is a world superstar. Why is it that good? Because no other player has done what he did.

But it’s not just about the record. There are some things where he is not a leader. Tiger Woods has left a deep mark in the history of golf, eventually becoming the true golf GOAT.

Tiger on Nicholas

For a long time, every golf enthusiast considered Jack Nicholas to be the best player of all time. And he can be called a great biography. However, he lacks something that Tiger has – a unique ability to change the way he looks at golf.

It is fair to say that Tiger Woods has changed golf forever. The player was ahead of his time in his best days, and still a great player. Whenever you check the odds of golf betting online, he is in the top three or five choices for each event. The fact that he has passed his prime shows how great an impression he has made on the sport.

With his modern style of play, Tiger rocked the game of golf. The world has never seen such a player before. Nicolaus was great when Save Balesteros gave it a European charm. Even with their incredible achievements, they have not been able to bring golf into the mainstream. Until Woods arrives. With his amazing ability to hit the ball and his fist rolling pumps and clubs, he has redefined the way we see golf and the way it is played.

Tiger is one of the very few golfers to have signed with the popular shoe and equipment company. Nike has used him in many of its promotional campaigns. It is fair to say that he was as big as Jordan in the 1990s and 2000s and it speaks volumes about his abilities and how he helped grow golf.

Incredible list of records

Woods has had a turbulent time over the past decade, but he recently returned to the limelight for the right reasons. As he prepares to return to the 2022 Masters, news outlets continue to remind us of his incredible feats.

For example, he teamed up with Sam Snead at 82 for the most wins on the PGA Tour. By comparison, Nicholas has won 73. He will break the record with another win, and it will happen soon. Woods has surpassed his peak over the years, and yet, no one has come close to his record.

At the age of 24, he joined the ranks of the youngest players to win a Slam, the legends of Nicolaus, Sarajevo, Hogan and Gary Player.

He is second in the Majors with 15, just three behind Nicholas. While many will argue that he doesn’t have the potential to win more, let’s remind everyone that he won the Masters tournament in 2019, 14 years after the last trophy there.

This is exactly why Woods is the true golf GOAT. Enjoy him as long as his career lasts – we may never see another player like him.

Modern gambling software as a recipe for the success of a project – Golf News

Programming support plays a particularly important role in any casino. A responsible owner of a gaming club should never resort to unreliable software. This will mean poor performance, potential problems with dissatisfied customers and authentic companies.

To ensure the effectiveness of a gambling platform, an entrepreneur must choose a solid provider. The loyalty of the content creator directly affects the profit of an operator as well as his reputation among the target audience.

Professional aggregator Gaminator collaborates with a number of certified suppliers of software. Having access to different providers at once simplifies the project setup process without the need to search for separately matched content. Also, the ready-made solution Gaminator 3 makes assembly easier.

So, let’s analyze the main aspects of modern gambling software and its makers.

Key features of the programming resource for online casinos

Gaming sites typically run entertainment that conforms to modern industry standards. This refers to the main features of the software which will be attractive to the players and profitable for the operators.

Important aspects of reliability:

  1. 3D visual. The first thing viewers pay attention to when choosing a game is design and graphics Depending on the area of ​​operation, it may be helpful to adapt the visuals to specific cultural specialties.
  2. Accompanying words. Complete immersion in the process can only be achieved with appropriate music. Sound-matching visual punters are particularly interested in the game. The menu should also have a melody.
  3. Multilingual support. In most cases, there is a single main language (which is required by jurisdiction) and a bunch of others according to the social image of the target audience. Also, for future expansion, having a multilingual platform is extremely convenient.
  4. Bonuses and loyalty. The biggest preoccupation for players when participating in a casino process is the chances of winning. Games must include a bunch of bonuses and prizes to facilitate the interest of the punters. Free spins or lucky draws are the most popular.
  5. An abundance of payment possibilities. The deposit facility is a decisive step in retaining the user. As an operator, you don’t want them to come back because of difficulties in payment processing or lack of nurtured system.
  6. Multiple currency support. It is important that the platform only accept different Fiat money. Today, crypto tokens are the preferred means of payment for many progressive Internet users, so the software obtained should be compatible with them.
  7. Device compatibility. Most casino sites work well on computers. But in recent years, mobile entertainment has become particularly popular. Considering that these gadgets have different systems, the software should be at least compatible with Android and iOS.

Top gambling software leading supplier

At the beginning of the assembly, an operator wants to spend resources wisely and save as much as possible. However, taking refuge in poorly shaded firms in the market can have negative consequences and require additional payments.

Collaboration with these companies ensures the receipt of certified software for a casino site:

  • Amatic Industries. The provider is known worldwide for its perfect combination of 2 key features: excellent graphics and ideal functionality. The main product from Amatic is slot games, but the provider also offers other programming resources related to gambling.
  • Developers have a very rich software collection. Any disclosure of casino entertainment can be obtained from a supplier. New microgame games appear on the market each month, while previously published titles are regularly updated.
  • The brand is one of the leaders in the industry. The manufacturer provides tools for programming resources around the world, as well as offline and online locations. With a history of over 40 years, it has inspired the unlimited confidence of novomatic players and gambling owners.
  • Euro game technology. Providers make interesting, exciting, and money-making video slots. EGT is known on the market as a maker of excellent HTML5 software with branded interfaces, solid graphics and reliable functionality. The combination of these elements has led to worldwide recognition.
  • All supplier software is integrated with the concept of minimal channel. This means that browsers on computers and phones, apps, virtual panels and even gadgets, including VR, give Punter access to the same entertainment. Such a system makes the brand a unique and highly reliable market representative.

These content creators are the pioneers of the iGaming sphere. Hundreds of land-based and web venues work on supplier products. Spending a little more and ensuring maximum reliability of the programming support received is 100% worth of all costs.

The sum of the services

Considering the advantages of a platform using software from multiple providers, it is convenient for an operator to get content from a variety of sources. Due to the structure of the market, it can be challenging to do so on an individual basis.

Gambling aggregators offer their services to gambler operators if they seek professional assistance. Providing reliable software is just one of the dozens of solutions available at the company.

For detailed informational support, contact the studio managers through the official communication channel.

Big Max Unveils New Golf Bag Range – Golf News

Dry-light V4

BIG MAX has added six new designs to its golf bag range for 2022, each designed to meet the needs of different golfers.

Based on BIG MAX’s Aqua or Dri Lite technology, each bag in the new line will protect a golfer’s gear from the elements. Both technologies have waterproof components and zippers, and the Aqua line includes sealed seams for 100% waterproof protection.

The Dry light V-4 Featuring Big Max V-Lock The place where the organizer locks the top row of the club. With a simple turn and lock action, the woods – and their big head covers – lock in place, and golfers who want to tidy up their clubs get a clear view of the clubs they want. Add to the nine wide pockets – two cool pockets and a 100% waterproof precious pocket, plus 14 full-length dividers, dedicated oversized potter’s well and gloves, umbrella and towel holder, this is really the bag that holds everything.

Dry-light silencio

The Dry light silencio2 One step further, with a specially designed secure compartment for each club that keeps the clubs separate and prevents them from knocking together during transit. A new potter compartment has been added to the Silent Top, Silenceio 2 really goes by its silent name. Finish this exceptionally organized golf bag with a total of 11 wide pockets, including 100% waterproof valuables, plus gloves, umbrella and towel holder and oversized cooler.

The Dry light tour The BIG MAX combines the space and practicality of a tour bag with lightweight water-resistant technology. A 14-way, 10-inch oversized organizer top full-length divider and reinforced carry handles complement the nine wide pockets with 100% waterproof precious pockets to provide unbeatable storage options. Add a host of neat practical features and weigh just 2.4kg and the Dri Lite Tour is probably the ultimate kart bag for the best equipped golfers.

Dry-light tour

The Dry light sport 2 It is the ultimate deluxe cart bag, combining a huge range of practical features with stunning looks. A 14-way organizer with a reinforced carry handle is integrated with the top 7 wide pockets, including 100% waterproof precious pockets and large cooler pockets to provide all the necessary storage for the best equipped golfer. Gloves, towels and umbrella holders and weighs just 2.2kg complete the practical benefits, while the combination of five colors that use straight lines and contrasting patterns completes this great new bag.

The Big Max Hybrid The design is based on three features that make it equally easy to carry or push. The trolley compatible footless base provides a smooth, easy mechanism for placing the stand mechanism while sitting squarely on any trolley. It combines a leg lock system and a reinforced bag attachment area that keeps the leg mechanism out of the way when used in a cart and provides a secure, anti-twist connection for the bag.

Big Max is also launching Aqua Hybrid 3 And Dry light hybrid 2 That includes both these versatile technologies. Both bags have seven pockets, strong padded straps and air channels for breathing while carrying. The Aqua bag weighs only 2.4kg, and the Dri Lite weighs only 2.2kg. With a range of different price points, distinctive styles and attractive color combinations, these two hybrid bags provide the best of both worlds for golfers.

For details of your nearest Bigmax stockists, visit

Five Best Golf Returns – Golf News

There have been some incredible returns to the history of golf, both in golf, and in competitions where one has to pull down against adversity and look down before winning.

In this article, we look at some of the best golf returns, and the golfers who looked like their careers may never be the same again.

In the case of golf, there is always the opportunity for an outsider to take the field with a bang. If you’re able to back up the underdog with bookmakers, you can make a profit. There is always a gambling market before a tournament or even a game, so if someone falls behind you can still support them with the best new bookies.

Henrik Stenson

Stenson will captain the European team in the upcoming Ryder Cup.

At one time it looked like a near impossible, it looked like a near impossible. In addition to being caught in a financial scandal, Stenson had an unfortunate spell where his career was massively sunk.

When the Deutsche Bank Championship was underway in 2011, Stenson was not involved, he was playing in an amateur tournament at his local club tournament and he could not win.

He needed knee surgery and had to change his team and methods completely – so it was amazing to see him make such an incredible comeback and win the tournament, becoming such a major contributor to the world of golf.

Ben Hogan

Many will not remember seeing Hogan play golf. In 1949, he had an accident while driving his Cadillac. In fact, Hogan hit a bus straight away. He was left with a broken rib, a facial injury, a broken pelvis and a clavicle, along with a broken ankle. The catastrophe was bad.

At this point, it was safe to assume that his career was over, but Hogan would return with revenge. It took him only 60 days to leave the hospital. In 1950, less than a year after the accident, he went on to win the US Open.

Hogan was known as “The Hawk” and his return is one of the most incredible stories in the sport.

JB Holmes

Another incredible comeback story is that of JB Holmes, a man who has also won some tournaments in recent years.

He withdrew from a tournament a decade ago with Vertigo. However, it turned out that it was not vertigo and JB was suffering from problems related to his brain and his cerebellum.

These are called cherry malformations, and Holmes will require life-threatening surgery.

Doctors removed a quarter of his skull, replacing it with a titanium plate. Rumor has it that a part of Holmes’ skull still had to be removed and that he kept it at home as a reminder of what he had done.

He is back on tour next year. This may seem unlikely, but Holmes achieved it.

It will be an incredible story in itself, but the story of JB Holmes does not stop there. In 2014, he won the Wells Fargo Championship, his first tournament win since surgery, and his tournament wins don’t stop there, with wins like the recent 2019.

Why Venturi

Another crazy story that golf has brought to us is why Venture had a legendary journey before leaving in 2013.

He learned to play golf because he didn’t have to talk to anyone, because Venturi had speech and stuttering. However, by 1958 he had won the tournament and was doing well for himself.

In the 1960s, Venturi would fight alcoholism and face a serious car accident. At this point, his game will be at a loss for three trophy-free years.

In 1964, one of the most amazing stories in the history of the US Open happened when Venturi overcame dehydration on a course and faced a difficult, hot situation to win the Open, marking a comeback that no one could have predicted.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a man who divides opinions through golf, but you can’t deny that he has a crazy comeback story.

Woods had nine years where he lost his approval, got divorced and was injured at a stage where he was no longer able to stand or walk without incredible levels of pain. It seemed like the end of his career.

Tiger has had a lot of surgery due to his injuries, and although he has already achieved incredible feats in golf, he wanted to return.

In 2019, Woods made a ridiculous comeback when he won the Masters again. The Guardian called it the “return of the decade.”

Unfortunately, since then he has been seriously injured once more in a Tiger car accident, and this time his return will focus on returning to full health.

Davis proves gold standard in Rohampton – Golf News

Lady European Tour professional Hailey Davis has won the Rohampton Ladies Open Gold Challenge Cup for the second time in her career after shooting a record low score for the 36-hole event.

Davis of Ferndown Golf Club, Dorset, created the perfect playing conditions for a total of 137 runs in seven-under-par in 68 and 69 rounds at the great Parkland Course in Rohampton.

Luca Thompson wins Gold Rose Trophy for Best Combined Finale at Hampshire Rose and Rohampton Golf Cup

When he won the title jointly in 2018, Davis had to share the title with Ince Mehmet of the row, but he was a class different in this year’s renewal, including six shots from professional Emily Slater, who was the only other player. Jema Kluse was fourth in one over, equaling Sarah G in third to finish under the finish.

There were 32 amateurs on the 50-strong field, 15-year-old Matilda Santili of Foxhills, a member of the England South Regional team, finishing fifth as the top amateur with great rounds of 74 and 72. Parkstone’s Alice Webb is the next best amateur in eighth place in four overs.

Luke Thompson of Bedfordshire won the Gold Rose Trophy for the best top finishing at the Hampshire Rose, which he won last week at the North Hunts and the Rohampton Gold Cup, where he finished 10th with a score of +5. He was presented with the Gold Rose Trophy, a gift from Justin Rose, a member of the Northern Hunt and a worldwide golf star.

Lyle & Scott Launches Golf Clothing Range – Golf News

If you’ve been a big fan of the late 1980s and early 90’s rev music scene – and you probably haven’t – you’ll immediately recognize the link to Lyle & Scott’s new Spring / Summer Golf Collection, which It was inspired by the Acid House Revolution that swept the nation at that time.

Although fortunately has no smiley face logo, the dazzling range takes on a bold style with bold use of color and eutrophic tones, as well as distorted tartan and nostalgic redesigned embroidery.

This collection includes classic golf essentials, including a Hyper Reversible Gillette (100) with a contrast print chest panel and Lyle and Scott Script logo backs, or the complete printed opposite side. Made with lightweight, windproof and eco-friendly water-resistant treatment to protect against any weather, this Gillette also boasts stretch jersey panels and elastic arm holes and hem, allowing full range of motion during oscillation.

Known for its stylish and timeless polo shirts, the new L&S Jacquard Polo Shirt (£ 60) offers exceptional moisture management with enhanced breathability and a polyester and tensile blend for a light weight and soft feel. It is finished with a tonal rib collar for a smart, but casual, useful look.
The new knitwear range is titled একটি Zip Pullover (£ 80), featuring a bold stripe pattern and sleek Lyle and Scott script logo. Made from merino / cotton blends, this pullover provides exceptional heat control through its moisture wicking properties.

The collection also features the introduction of the Knitted Player range, including the Player Knitted Cardigan (£ 95), with the player’s logo an interpretation of an intersia design from the 1970s Lyle and Scott’s back catalog, now adapted directly as embroidery. Featuring a full fashion armhole, a contrast rib and a branded button for a premium look and feel, the complete knitted player range is made from a 12-gauge cotton / merino blend suitable for both soft, casual, and on- and off-course. Wear

To see the new L&S GOLF collection, visit

Hopkins claims Hampshire Hog in North Hunts – Golf News

Hopkins fired 6 and 79 rounds at North Hunts

Max Hopkins of Hertfordshire carved his name in the prestigious Hampshire Hog Trophy by winning a one-stroke at North Hunts Golf Club on Sunday.

The 19-year-old from Bishops Stratford GC shot for a 3-under-par winning score of 137 in rounds 68 and 69 and went ahead of Joe Harvey (The Kendleshire) and Freddie MacArthur (Woolsthorpe Court).

A number of impressive wage shots and tidy play throughout the glorious spring day at Fleet Venue took Hopkins off the field – all but one of the eight birdies came from the usual tap-in – and despite two late dropped shots, Hopkins failed to catch.

To win the 64th Hampshire Hog, Hopkins joins a star cast of former champions, including the Walker Cup and Ryder Cup players, the Tour winners and the Major Champions. Including Justin Rose, who won the title in 1995 at just 14 years old.

Hopkins said: “I’m glad to know that the players you see on the board are on the same path as those who have come on the biggest stage. “It’s good to add my name to that list.”

After winning the Daily Telegraph Junior Masters in 2017 and representing the England Boys at the European Team Championship and Home International – winning the next event, Hopkins’ progress has stalled over the past two years during the Covid epidemic. So Sunday’s win is a timely improvement for his career as he pursues the dream of competing on the professional circuit with his older brother John, a +4 handicaper who is currently playing college golf in the United States.

Hopkins, coach of former European tour player Simon Khan, said: “A lot of the brothers didn’t compete at the top level, so it would be nice.”

Hampshire Salver has been awarded for the best combined score on 72 holes, including two rounds at Blackmoor Golf Club for Salbourne Salver and then two rounds at Hampshire Hog, given to England international Jack Brooks. The 31-year-old Blackmore from Bolton’s The Mere won 277 scores, including 72 and 67 in the North Hunts, following 67 and 71 rounds. Brooks is aiming for a spot in the US Mid-Amateur in September and his win marks a tough step towards that goal on Sunday.