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If you think of golf as a sport mostly played by middle-aged men in creative trousers, you can’t stay away from the truth. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the UK, enjoyed by millions of players of all backgrounds, genders and ages. There are plenty of good reasons for its enduring popularity. In the beginning, a round of golf is something that takes you in and out of the fresh air and you don’t have to be a professional to play it. You don’t even have to be so good at sports to go out and play a few holes, or you have to assemble a team, arrange fixtures or sign up for a league. Just find your club and go! Thanks to the disability system, no matter how experienced you are, you can easily monitor your progress and skill level.

The beauty of golf in the UK is that it has many venues, open to everyone from the nine-hole pitch and put courses to the most prestigious golf clubs and courses. You’ll also find golf in all types of landscapes, from the Windswept Link Course to the picturesque tree-lined Parkland. In addition to playing golf yourself, there are many other great ways to immerse yourself in the world of golf that are not involved in any club selection.

Many people had their first exposure to golf through television. Major golf tours have multiple channels providing coverage, and golf on television combines both the soothing relaxation of a quiet game played in beautiful surroundings and the red hot excitement of top-class competition. Many of the greatest golf victories in history have been captured on live television and the joy and excitement of seeing your favorite golfers achieve their victories like Tiger Woods and other famous players cannot be compared! There are many better ways to get into a game than watching the game by the best, and by listening to the commentators, former players and players, you will be able to get a feel for the game and get lots of tips.

  • Follow social media highlights

Not everyone can sit and watch the whole golf tournament, but fortunately, you can follow the work along the way with your mobile device. Golf on social media is full of the latest news and highlights, as well as offering endless statistical resources to help you keep up with what’s happening. Focusing on key shots and modified scores, golf highlights are a convenient way to stay in touch.

  • Place a bet on your favorite golf event

Golf betting is an increasingly popular option for golf fans and sports betting enthusiasts in general. One reason for the popularity is that when you bet on golf, you usually have a large field of 150 or more players, which means there are some huge odds. The golf calendar and the events that take place every year are a great way for many bettors to immerse themselves in the sport and bet on their favorite golfers and more. Whether you want to keep up with the US Open, the Masters Tournament or the PGA Championship, betting is one way you can get involved in the world of golf.

There is nothing like the experience of attending a sports event in person and there are plenty of golf tournaments around the world to check out. Big events like the British Open or the Ryder Cup will be expensive and you will need to collect your tickets in advance. However, this will not usually be the case for regular events on European tours or for the thousands of tournaments at each level held around the UK from February to autumn. Participating in a golf tournament does not mean that you get to see professional golfers, you can meet golf fans as you wish.

Of course, the best way to enjoy golf is to try it yourself. There are many options, including trying your hand at your local pitch and put course or driving range. With the latest golf equipment you can take formal lessons if you want to get a good foundation on the basics, or you can find a useful book or online guide. The main thing to remember is that golf is for everyone, so don’t worry about your skill level or your knowledge of all the terminology – just get some basic clubs and join!

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