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Golf is considered one of the most popular and favorite sports in the UK. It can be easily identified by the huge number of 1872 well-equipped golf courses, more than any other part of Europe. It is estimated that the economic value of golf is about 2 billion euros, or about 7% of the Gross Value Added (GVA). In addition, 2020 figures show that UK manufacturers have been able to sell British clubs and golf goods and equipment worth around 7 127.8 million. It easily reflects the English interest in the golf industry, which is more than any other part of the world.

The gambling and sports industry shares a positive correlation with each sector that benefits from others. The same is true of the golf industry. reveals that the demand for betting in the golf industry is much higher, as betting on golf is much easier, and the UK gambling industry is offering both a dedicated online casino and a sports betting provider. Moreover, several famous bookies have included live betting in their portfolios, which has created excitement among the fans as well as offering more gambling opportunities.

However, the recent rise and rise of golf betting has had a number of detrimental effects. It can be seen that more and more golf fans are falling prey to the problem of gambling and gambling addiction. The United Kingdom is one of the countries most affected by gambling with over 3 million problems, and 7% of the population is negatively affected by gambling.

To address the growing threat of gambling, and gambling addiction, the United Kingdom Gambling Committee (UKGC) has made it mandatory for all UKGC-licensed casinos to provide GamStop’s self-exclusion program.

Gamestop, its functionality and limitations

GamStop is the most popular self-elimination program available in the UK. This excludes the user from participating in any gambling program during the exclusion period. Registration is free and anyone can easily register from GamStop’s official site. The process is very simple and requires some authentic personal details like name, registered address, phone number, email id and bank details.

The user must complete the personal details, and then follow another page to select the exclusion period between 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. GamStop effectively allows users to receive gambling notifications from UKGC licensed casinos or from gambling and other gaming practices by blocking any game play at UKGC licensed casinos, bookmarks, etc.

However, the functionality of using GamStop extends only to UKGC licensed casinos. A user can easily violate the GamStop Agreement and find GamStop betting sites through Cinocao Gaming License or licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority even though they have their own self-exclusion.

Golf bookmarks linked to GamStop

Bookmarks are a part of the GamStop network of several big brand names. In short, bookmarks licensed under the UKGC Network are also part of the GamStop Network:

  • William Hill – Gamblers love William Hill the most when it comes to choosing between big odds and a plethora of events. It features ‘a large range of golf events’, ‘excellent choice of betting market’, ‘in-play betting’, etc. which makes it an excellent choice for gamblers. William Hill is known for offering 37 different markets during the Rider Cup 2020
  • Betfair – Another popular choice for gamblers at Betfair. It has been observed that the disadvantages of golf vary from bookmaker to bookmaker with only small fluctuations, but the betfair exchange seems to be different and fixes the disadvantage.
  • Padipower – Another trusted bookmark is Padipower, which offers great terms for golf. It covers 37 markets which is a huge number.
  • Bet365 – Although Bet365 is recognized as the best bookie for football betting, it also extends great opportunities for play betting, which is highly preferred.
  • Ladbrokes – This is an excellent adversary to golf betting and also offers several opportunities for in-play betting.

Other popular bookmarks include BetVictor, 888Sport, Coral, Boylesports, etc. which are common among regular gamblers and use the GamStop network.


A bookmarker’s choice varies with the person, and the type of bet they choose, and the gamble they want to gamble. However, once they are registered on GamStop, they are barred from any gambling transactions.

GamStop has significantly promoted responsible gambling. In addition, it has been noticed that more and more golf fans are registering themselves with the GamStop self-exclusion program. This may be due to the efforts of star players like Rory McLaughlin, Tyrell Hatton, Paul Casey etc. who promote responsible gambling among their fans.

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