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Dry-light V4

BIG MAX has added six new designs to its golf bag range for 2022, each designed to meet the needs of different golfers.

Based on BIG MAX’s Aqua or Dri Lite technology, each bag in the new line will protect a golfer’s gear from the elements. Both technologies have waterproof components and zippers, and the Aqua line includes sealed seams for 100% waterproof protection.

The Dry light V-4 Featuring Big Max V-Lock The place where the organizer locks the top row of the club. With a simple turn and lock action, the woods – and their big head covers – lock in place, and golfers who want to tidy up their clubs get a clear view of the clubs they want. Add to the nine wide pockets – two cool pockets and a 100% waterproof precious pocket, plus 14 full-length dividers, dedicated oversized potter’s well and gloves, umbrella and towel holder, this is really the bag that holds everything.

Dry-light silencio

The Dry light silencio2 One step further, with a specially designed secure compartment for each club that keeps the clubs separate and prevents them from knocking together during transit. A new potter compartment has been added to the Silent Top, Silenceio 2 really goes by its silent name. Finish this exceptionally organized golf bag with a total of 11 wide pockets, including 100% waterproof valuables, plus gloves, umbrella and towel holder and oversized cooler.

The Dry light tour The BIG MAX combines the space and practicality of a tour bag with lightweight water-resistant technology. A 14-way, 10-inch oversized organizer top full-length divider and reinforced carry handles complement the nine wide pockets with 100% waterproof precious pockets to provide unbeatable storage options. Add a host of neat practical features and weigh just 2.4kg and the Dri Lite Tour is probably the ultimate kart bag for the best equipped golfers.

Dry-light tour

The Dry light sport 2 It is the ultimate deluxe cart bag, combining a huge range of practical features with stunning looks. A 14-way organizer with a reinforced carry handle is integrated with the top 7 wide pockets, including 100% waterproof precious pockets and large cooler pockets to provide all the necessary storage for the best equipped golfer. Gloves, towels and umbrella holders and weighs just 2.2kg complete the practical benefits, while the combination of five colors that use straight lines and contrasting patterns completes this great new bag.

The Big Max Hybrid The design is based on three features that make it equally easy to carry or push. The trolley compatible footless base provides a smooth, easy mechanism for placing the stand mechanism while sitting squarely on any trolley. It combines a leg lock system and a reinforced bag attachment area that keeps the leg mechanism out of the way when used in a cart and provides a secure, anti-twist connection for the bag.

Big Max is also launching Aqua Hybrid 3 And Dry light hybrid 2 That includes both these versatile technologies. Both bags have seven pockets, strong padded straps and air channels for breathing while carrying. The Aqua bag weighs only 2.4kg, and the Dri Lite weighs only 2.2kg. With a range of different price points, distinctive styles and attractive color combinations, these two hybrid bags provide the best of both worlds for golfers.

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