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After a career jumping on horseback at 35mph, the former Jockey Bob champion nowadays prefers to get his kick in the relative safety of the golf course.

I had my first golf vacation. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a golf vacation, but I’ve had a lot of vacation and then played golf. Whenever I go to Florida I always hold on to one or two games.

My favorite is the golf course. Wentworth’s West Course. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before I got my first game and I was awful. I must have gone around 285 – how they let me go to the course in the first place, let alone, I don’t know!

My ideal golf vacation would include four balls.. My best friend, Derek Thompson, my brother, Howard, and former jockey and TV presenter John Frankcomb. Golf will be terrible, but we want a lot of smiles.

My favorite golf vacation destination. Florida. I usually go there in the winter. It’s usually cold here in the UK, so it’s nice to have some sunshine on your face, and the courses are great – you don’t mind the water and the occasional crocodile!

When I go on vacation I never … Horseback riding is a holiday, after all.

I always travel with … My phone. Nowadays it is a necessary evil.

The hotel I’m staying at is … Savvy in London. It was only once, but I will never forget it. Pure luxury.

My favorite city in the world is … London, I say I love England, and there’s a lot going on. Although from the point of view of tourists, Paris is much more beautiful.

I had the most memorable holiday meal. In India. I was out filming with The BBC last year for The Real Marigold Hotel, and we ate a lot of memorable food in Udaipur, where the series was. They weren’t always fun, but they were definitely memorable!

I had the worst vacation experience. Eating in India! I’m a meat-and-two-veg type guy. I like simple English food the most.

My top golf travel tip is ... To t-off too early or too late – I love it when no one else is on the golf course!

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