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Handmade golf shoe brand Duca del Cosma has launched a trade-in promotion in hundreds of pro shops across the UK and Ireland offering golfers a £ 25 discount on any of its latest styles if donating any of the old golf shoes to budding golfers. In emerging markets.

The Italian brand has partnered with British recycling and recycling group Recyclatex to refine and distribute all unwanted shoes collected during the 62-day campaign to aspiring players in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

The Great Duka trade-in campaign – which runs from April 1 to May 31 – is incredibly easy to participate in. All a golfer has to do is dig up an old pair of golf shoes of any brand name and hand it over to them. Lace tied with duca stockst nearby. For each pair donated, they will receive a £ 25 discount on a new pair of Duca del Cosma shoes purchased from the current men’s or women’s collection.

“By taking advantage of this special offer, golfers will be able to integrate seamlessly into the life cycle of more durable products for their golf shoes,” said Leslie Hepsworth, Managing Director of the UK and Ireland. “As a fashion brand, we realize that we have a responsibility to limit our environmental impact and this is a way that we feel we can reduce the waste while helping to develop the game of golf. By distributing, we hope to improve the golf experience for aspiring players living in a country where access to high quality sports equipment is very limited.

“This is a very exciting project for the Recyclatex Group and we are delighted to be partnering with Duca del Cosma and its customers to make golf more sustainable,” said Chairman Ross Barry. “Although we are involved in the collection, refurbishment and distribution of golf shoes for the first time, as a non-profit organization consisting of nine companies in the recycling and recycling industry, we have a lot of experience in refining abandoned items. Use it, ”he added.

Duca del Cosmar’s new Churchill shoes Kagna

The entire Duca del Cosma SS22 collection is available for trade in the next two months, including 28 premium styles that can be worn both on and off course. The new men’s models include Churchill’s classic Brog styling in two color combinations – Cognac and Royal Blue. REGENT, the modern form of a traditional silhouette, comes in both white and cognac. Gray Tomcat offers a sportier option, while the Flyer is available in two new bold high-contrast styles.

For female golfers, the two new white King Cheetah designs are a welcome addition to the line-up, with Wildcat on the eye-catching glossy white and red colorway, with a gorgeous navy and interchangeable Kelly with interchangeable Kilti and Belleza in pink. All models come with two pairs of high-quality lace in different colors to match the outfit.

For more information, visit www.ducadelcosma.com.

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