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There have been some incredible returns to the history of golf, both in golf, and in competitions where one has to pull down against adversity and look down before winning.

In this article, we look at some of the best golf returns, and the golfers who looked like their careers may never be the same again.

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Henrik Stenson

Stenson will captain the European team in the upcoming Ryder Cup.

At one time it looked like a near impossible, it looked like a near impossible. In addition to being caught in a financial scandal, Stenson had an unfortunate spell where his career was massively sunk.

When the Deutsche Bank Championship was underway in 2011, Stenson was not involved, he was playing in an amateur tournament at his local club tournament and he could not win.

He needed knee surgery and had to change his team and methods completely – so it was amazing to see him make such an incredible comeback and win the tournament, becoming such a major contributor to the world of golf.

Ben Hogan

Many will not remember seeing Hogan play golf. In 1949, he had an accident while driving his Cadillac. In fact, Hogan hit a bus straight away. He was left with a broken rib, a facial injury, a broken pelvis and a clavicle, along with a broken ankle. The catastrophe was bad.

At this point, it was safe to assume that his career was over, but Hogan would return with revenge. It took him only 60 days to leave the hospital. In 1950, less than a year after the accident, he went on to win the US Open.

Hogan was known as “The Hawk” and his return is one of the most incredible stories in the sport.

JB Holmes

Another incredible comeback story is that of JB Holmes, a man who has also won some tournaments in recent years.

He withdrew from a tournament a decade ago with Vertigo. However, it turned out that it was not vertigo and JB was suffering from problems related to his brain and his cerebellum.

These are called cherry malformations, and Holmes will require life-threatening surgery.

Doctors removed a quarter of his skull, replacing it with a titanium plate. Rumor has it that a part of Holmes’ skull still had to be removed and that he kept it at home as a reminder of what he had done.

He is back on tour next year. This may seem unlikely, but Holmes achieved it.

It will be an incredible story in itself, but the story of JB Holmes does not stop there. In 2014, he won the Wells Fargo Championship, his first tournament win since surgery, and his tournament wins don’t stop there, with wins like the recent 2019.

Why Venturi

Another crazy story that golf has brought to us is why Venture had a legendary journey before leaving in 2013.

He learned to play golf because he didn’t have to talk to anyone, because Venturi had speech and stuttering. However, by 1958 he had won the tournament and was doing well for himself.

In the 1960s, Venturi would fight alcoholism and face a serious car accident. At this point, his game will be at a loss for three trophy-free years.

In 1964, one of the most amazing stories in the history of the US Open happened when Venturi overcame dehydration on a course and faced a difficult, hot situation to win the Open, marking a comeback that no one could have predicted.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a man who divides opinions through golf, but you can’t deny that he has a crazy comeback story.

Woods had nine years where he lost his approval, got divorced and was injured at a stage where he was no longer able to stand or walk without incredible levels of pain. It seemed like the end of his career.

Tiger has had a lot of surgery due to his injuries, and although he has already achieved incredible feats in golf, he wanted to return.

In 2019, Woods made a ridiculous comeback when he won the Masters again. The Guardian called it the “return of the decade.”

Unfortunately, since then he has been seriously injured once more in a Tiger car accident, and this time his return will focus on returning to full health.

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