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Golf is considered an elite sport. The designer-wearing game offers players the use of both clubs and balls to make a certain amount of holes called golf courses. Is it as exciting as playing football or boxing? Controversial, yet the game attracted many fans around the world to bet, the fathers got a set of golf clubs for Christmas and tempted their luck to win the golf course.

Like any other sport around the world, golf attracts a large number of punters who follow golf matches religiously, in the hope of becoming their favorite golfer. And to be fair, the world has seen the fair share of great golfers come through the ranks. If you are looking to bet on some of the best golfers that the top bookmakers in the UK consider to be Crim de la Crim, here is a comprehensive list of all the things that can be supported in all seasons.

John Raham

John Rahm may be only 26 years old, but what he has achieved in golfing over the last few years is far more valuable than your average golfer. John Rahm is currently No. 1 on the official World Golf Rankings, a post he miraculously retained for the past 60 weeks. After defending this title for so long, we think it would be a safe bet to support John Rahm when placing your golf bet. With that in mind, if you place a bet on Rahm and he wins, you’ll get a small profit margin through your bet, since Rahm has always been the bookie’s favorite. To continue his good achievements in the world of golf, Rahm was also able to win the Memorial Golf Tournament held in July 2020. June 2021 also brought more success for Rahm, as he was the first Spanish golfer to win the US Open, so Rahm’s name has been marked in golf history.

Colin Marikawa

If you are an American golf enthusiast, you may recall the days when Tiger Woods dominated the golf course and of course the golf scene. Well, it’s not that Woods is one step behind, there’s a new kid on the block, and that golfer is Colin Marikawa. At the age of 25, Marikawa enjoys professional level golf in both PGA Tours and European Tours, so he faces Rahm on multiple occasions. In her new short career, Marikawa has won 5 tough PGA titles, the 2020 PGA Championship and the 2021 Golf Open Championship. It’s good to remember that Marikawa won the titles in her first year, making her an instant star and a favorite among gamblers.

Marikawa holds a very high position in the golf community and secured his place as an elite golfer while racing in Dubai during the European golf tour. This is an easy win bet in Marikawa, however if you want a significant win that will see you hundreds of pickpockets, this golfer will not help you in your mission. If the US player is on the golf course, he will win, which we can tell you for sure, but when Rahm is on the same golf course, things can get interesting and so can your golf bet.

Victor Howland

Victor Howland is one of the leading golfers in Norway who is currently ranked 4th in the world. Starting his career at the US Open in 2019, Howland confirmed his first win when he won the Puerto Rico Open in February 2020. Maintaining the top in terms of form, stamina and emotional motivation, Hovland secured a win on the PGA Tour by managing the 72nd hole in the Mayakoba Golf Classic. Despite the coronavirus epidemic around the world, many golf tournaments advanced in 2021, and Hovland secured a win on the European Tour, making the BMW International Open Cup home. This created a memorable moment for Howland, as he became a national hero in his native Norway, becoming the first Norwegian to head a European tour in golf. Howland has earned the nickname ‘Resort King’ by defending its title many times, even abroad. If you ask us to bet on Howland, we will definitely say yes. The young golfer has been competing professionally in this sport for less than 5 years and has gone from strength to strength. He’s a good bet, especially if he’s an underdog, competing with top and skilled golfers like Rahm and Marikawa.

How to bet golf and win big

Like any other sport out there, you need to start your golf betting adventure through some research. Find out who the top golfers are, compare the wins and compare who they have won against. Online sportsbooks make it quite easy for gamblers to start betting on golf, as you will find many betting strategy manuals that will stop your golf betting. We recommend that you read them, because only in this way can you make a conscious decision about who you will bet on, why and how you will place your bet.

Types of bets also play a big role in your betting strategy, making your overall golfer’s overall tournament a safe one and winning bets with punters. Other bets include if the golfer scores more than 70.5, or if they hit the hole on the first try.

Finding a betting bookmaker for you will also make your golf betting fun. Find sites that give you free betting slips, and gambling sites that are licensed and regulated.

Once you tick all the boxes above, it’s time to settle down with a golfer, and your best bet would be the top 3 ranked world golfers listed above. As they pocket the gold hole, you will pocket the big win in it. When it comes to supporting the same golfers throughout the season.

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