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Not surprisingly, the British made more bets than anywhere else in the world. According to the 2020 report, Gross Gambling Yield or GGY in Great Britain was 5.89 billion pounds. On average, the total value of the global gambling industry stands at 59 59 billion. This information clearly indicates the love of gambling among people. It is estimated that about three-quarters of the Western world is involved in gambling.

It also focuses on the fact that a large proportion of people deviate from adrenaline rush, and gambling excitement, and suffer from gambling addiction and gambling problems. The UK alone has recorded more than 3 million problem gamblers, and 7% of the population is negatively affected by gambling.

This raises a nationwide concern, and various initiatives are being taken by the government, such as introducing the GamStop program in 2018 to all UKGC-licensed operators. GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that prevents users from accessing any gambling equipment, websites. , Or software for a specific period of time selected by the user When you decide to bet on sports providers that are not on GamStop in the UK, you need to understand this and be careful. This is a major step towards promoting responsible gambling practices.

Responsible gambling is often defined as a specific set of responsibilities that an individual needs to follow in order to practice safe gambling, initiatives taken by the government, gambling industry, gaming control board etc.

Sports in the UK love gambling, and golf is one of the favorite sports of the English. According to a 2021 report, it was reported that the PGA Tour has teamed up with the AGA (American Gaming Association) to promote responsible gambling practices.

Ways to spread the message of responsible gambling:

Recent golf fan bases show that children from the largest part of the fan base. Therefore, in addition to promoting gambling, drug advertising is equally harmful. Children, adolescents and young adults gain high influence from golf stars, whom they see as their idols and who either want to imitate them or follow in their footsteps. Therefore, role models have a responsibility to guide their fans, promote responsible gambling habits, educate them about the harmful effects of problem gambling, and promote self-exclusion programs:

  • Sponsorship from GamStop and GamStop options such as GamBan, Betlocker, Betfilter, etc.. Golf clubs can strengthen their cause by seeking sponsorship from self-excluding software brands. Having all the support programs is vital and players should be aware of this when it comes to choosing a sports provider. This stunt further proves that their problem is contempt for gambling habits.
  • Avoid gambling firm promotions: Golfers must promise not to promote gambling companies at any cost. It is true that gambling firms often sponsor various events and tournaments, so this may be unavoidable in situations where gambling firms are not promoted. But recently, it has been observed that professional golf associations try to avoid all kinds of engagements with gambling firms. It is true that even players can be problematic gamblers because gambling problems are deeply involved and require expert care and therapy. Special treatment is provided to support athletes who have problems with gambling. The club is also informed about the progress of the players.
  • Raise awareness of self-exclusion programs such as gamestops The Professional Golf Association considers that any of its supporting bookmakers must be registered with Gamestop. This will on the one hand prevent any indulgence with the gambling habit for a certain period of time which is good enough to recover from the problem of gambling and on the other hand will establish exemplary evidence to follow other sports organizations. In addition, fans can view their favorite idols and learn responsible gambling values.
  • Promote gambling damage, its signs and symptoms Although gambling ensures both thrills and financial results. But the nature of gambling addiction does more harm than good. Several golf stars, such as Matthew Fitzpatrick, have actively talked about the evils of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction leads to anxiety, depression, financial difficulties, insomnia and in extreme cases suicide. In addition, gamblers isolate themselves from family, friends, and work, and blindly focus on their social responsibilities. These things need to be communicated among the fans to promote responsible gambling habits.


Responsible gambling should be the highest priority of the nation’s citizens. Gambling has a detrimental effect, not just on one individual, but on the nation as a whole. When there is a competition, there is always interest in gambling and people should know how to behave. The awareness spread by golfers has been reflected quite positively on the fans. But, it is also true that change can only happen if a person is willing, or a person can completely recover from gambling and gambling addiction if they are willing to change on their own.

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