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Actors James and Oli Phelps, 33, who played Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films, developed a passion for golf in the casting spells.

My favorite is the golf course.

Village of Muerfield, Ohio. I was lucky enough to play it last summer, and it was out of this world. Everything about it was fine – the attention to detail made it very special. We’ve been lucky enough to play some amazing courses around the world – I have so many tags in my golf bag that they tangle like Father’s Christmas sleds!

Oli: Pebble beach. After my honeymoon in California, I was able to hide behind Spieglass Hill and Pebble to play – which was an amazing experience. I love Bay Hill too. Whenever we work for a theme park at Florida Universal, we live in Orlando and a person we know is a member there, so we can play the course. Once we sat down to breakfast, someone slapped me on the shoulder and said, I am I hope you have a good day. ‘ This was Arnold Palmer.

My best round was …

James: Royal Melbourne, Australia. I played 14 runs and was able to get rounds in four overs – rounds of my life. Rolled the greens at 12 or 13 on the stump!

Oli: My best round was at Spyglass. I was left out with three slow golfers – it took more than an hour to play four holes – so I decided to go it alone. Playing from the back, I shot in the 70’s which, in the 11’s, I was really fascinated by and still don’t know how it happened.

The course I want to take is …

James: Carnosti. I want to recreate Jean van de Velde’s moment on the 18th! Even if I’m not somewhere near the river, I’ll chip the ball into the water so I can go for it.

Oli: The Old Course of St. Andrews, which is on everyone’s bucket list, or Augusta.

My ideal holiday would include four balls …

James: Suppose Oli and I are two players, so we can have a pair match. So I want a professional because he can tell me what I’m doing wrong, so it would be Sergio Garcia.

Oli: I had Tiger in my team. He’s not a bad golfer, and I’m sure he has some great stories to tell!

I always travel with …

A really loud pair of swimming shorts.

A toothbrush.

I had the worst vacation experience.

I went to Egypt a few years ago, and everyone in the hotel except me got sick. And we did it because I’m the only person who didn’t go to the pool. So it worked really well, because I got my scuba diving license and spent two weeks underwater.

Oli: I moved to Gran Canaria when I was 19 years old. I went with a girl I didn’t want to be with. I’m sure people have had similar experiences and it wasn’t good for everyone.

My favorite city in the world is …

Nashville, Tennessee.

Oli: Sydney, Australia.

Here’s my top travel tip.

James: Check the weather forecast at your destination before you travel. I am always unprepared for bad weather.

Oli: Look smart at the check-in desk and try to upgrade at the last minute.

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