Jitun Shot Scope’s new Pro LX + – Golf News

Golf News has teamed up with ShotScope to offer its new PRO LX Rangfinder, priced at £ 329.99.

With ShotScope’s PRO LX +, golfers no longer have to choose between a GPS or a laser, as it provides the flag with accurate distance, dynamic GPS data, and performance shot-tracking all on one device.

The laser component provides seven-bar laser magnification, a 900-yard range and target-lock vibration. In terms of GPS, it has 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide, without any added subscriptions or additional costs.

Over 100 performance insights are also available, each shot can be tracked using 16 tracking tags, golfers are able to use the free ShotScope mobile app or web dashboard to analyze their games, no additional subscription required.

To learn more about ShotScope’s full product range, visit www.shotscope.com.


Which of these key features is included with the ShotScope PRO LX +?

B) Laser Rangefinder
C) Shot tracking
D) All of the above

To enter
To get a chance to win this fantastic prize, answer the above question correctly and email [email protected] using your name, address and contact telephone number and where you collected the copy of Golf News in the subject line ‘Shot Scope Competition’ . Last date of admission is April 30, 2022.

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