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Cameron has updated the Phantom X5 and 5.5 Putter, redesigned the Phantom X7 and 7.5 models and created brand new Phantom X9 and 9.5, all of which will be available in April with an updated Phantom X12. The new Phantom X 11 and 11.5 will be released later this year with a straight-shaft Phantom X 5s. These new mallets complete a 10-Putter Phantom X lineup that promises to be the most attractive family of Scott Cameron high-tech, high-performance mallets to date.

Scott Cameron says: “Every time I make a line of potter, the new models go into the hands of the best players in the world. From tour players, we get critical insights into what works for them, what they are looking for, both overall and in particular. From the type of neck configuration type to the topline thickness, sound and feel to the variety of materials and metals we use, professionals know what they want.

“I always take my design hints from the best needs in the world. With these new Phantom X mallets, I have benefited from the input from players over the years and a line already established on tour. The 2022 Phantom X mallets feature the ‘biggest hits’ we’ve made – hardened stainless-steel faces, new necks, new shapes – rolled out into high-end, premium perfect milled mallets designed to inspire us all. Play well I believe there is a potter in this line that will appeal to almost every mallet player. “

2022 Phantom X Technology
Each new 2022 Phantom X Potter is a combination of steel and aluminum, with nine of the 10 models specially crafted with a solid, precisely matched 303 stainless steel face and body that is efficiently fused with a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole and flange material. . The new Phantom X12 employs an aluminum face and sole with stainless steel wings for maximum MOI, while its slimmed down flange section and extended alignment create a long-lasting, easy-to-aim update for previous models.

Solid Stainless Steel Face / Body Construction
Matching a block of solid 303 stainless steel in the United States, the new Phantom X5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9, 9.5, 11 and 11.5 models are designed with a hardened stainless steel face that has a body and wings, as well as a The integrated aluminum sole / flange component offers performance and play capability with consistent sound and soft feel.

The perfect mild, tour-inspired shape
Designed with feedback from Turing professionals and verified with multiple victories around the world in 2021, the new 2022 Phantom X mallet player’s choice is further clarified by the Mild Solid Stainless Steel Face, Smooth Potter Head Profile, Refined Alignment Cue, High Stability Expresses with. , And specific shaft and neck configurations.

Shaft / neck configuration
The refreshed Phantom X11.5 will feature a low-bend stapleless steel shaft mounted on top of a mild topline spout, while the updated Phantom X7.5 and the brand new Phantom X9.5 will employ smaller diagonal / jet necks like the recently reformed Phantom X5.5. .
Each of the Phantom X5, 7, 9, 11 and 12 models has a stapleless steel shaft designed to reduce face rotation with a single mid-turn, aiming directly below the target line. The Phantom X5s, released in the summer, has a straight stapleless steel shaft installed near the center of the topline with zero offset.

2022 Phantom X line model

The new additions to the Phantom X Line offer golfers multiple mallet options in lengths of 33 ”, 34” and 35 ”, each with one of four specific neck / shaft configurations.

Phantom X5: Updated for 2022 with a new sole plate design and graphics, this tour-proof, face-to-face balanced mid-mallet comes back with precision, a solid face configuration made from 303 stainless steel with a single bend shaft, an updated alumni The sole weight of sole plate and assembled customizable stainless steel.

Phantom X 5.5: The small diagonal / jet neck setup inspired by Justin Thomas’ prototype Putter returns to the latest Phantom X5.5. Its hard face and body configuration are precisely matched to 303 stainless steel and the line is integrated with the updated aluminum sole plate and the sole weight of the customizable stainless steel. Also available in the left hand.

Phantom X5S: As part of the upcoming summer release, the popular Phantom X5 Wingback Midmalet Shape enters the line with a straight shaft and a mild topline outline for players in favor of straight-back-straight-through putting strokes and zero offset. This straight shafted model has a stiffened matching stainless steel face, customizable sole weight and is equipped with a new precision milled aluminum sole plate design of the line.

Phantom X 7.5: Unlike the Phantom X7 but with a slight diagonal and jet neck to enhance the smooth flow of the toes, this brand new angular wingback mallet shape has been unveiled as the 2021 H21 Limited Proto with a solid matching stainless steel flange with an integrated aluminum flange and , The only component with advanced alignment options in sharp wing design.

Phantom X9.5: With its small diagonal and jet neck, it’s a follow-up to the 2021 Phantom X9.5 Triple Black Limited. This brand new Hi-MOI mallet has a hard-matched stainless-steel face that carries on the body and wings that are integrated with a 6061 aluminum sole and flange material for a unique profile with enhanced alignment features and toe flow.

Phantom X7: Fully updated for 2022 as a highly requested shape on tour and launched as 2021 My Girl Limited, this angular wingback mallet features a single bend shaft and an integrated aluminum flange and single component features dual purpose alignment, a tight fitting Stainless-steel face and new sole plate design. Its long, sharp wings not only create alignment values ​​but also hold weight further back, increasing stability and MOI.

Phantom X9: Sharing the design features of the popular Phantom X5 and 11 sizes, this all-new, near-face balanced compact high-MOI wingback mallet features a stiffened stainless steel mouth and wings integrated with a round 6061 aluminum flange integrated and single component. Including unique profiles, and an attached look to the address.

Phantom X11: The 2022 Phantom X has been updated with unique design and new graphics, the high-MOI face-balanced wingback Phantom X11 has a mid-bend shaft and a solid matching 303 stainless steel face, topline, body and wings with an aluminum flange. And the only component with easy alignment signal and customizable stainless steel sole weight. The new Phantom X11 Wingback shares design similarities with the Phantom X12 and Phantom X5, yet provides a new alternative to performance-based mallets for players for higher MOI and stability in more compact models.

Phantom X11.5: Same except for the shaft configuration of the Phantom X11, the new 11.5 has added another compact mallet option to the high-tech Phantom X line. This high-MOI wingback mallet has a low-bend shaft for a little toe flow and a solid precision 303 stainless steel face, topline, body and wings, integrated with an aluminum flange and with a simple alignment and adjustable stitching. Line’s updated graphics and unique design features.

Phantom X12: Redesigned with an elongated single uninterrupted alignment line and updated with a slim mid-section profile and new graphics, the new Phantom X12 line has the highest MOI. Combined with 303 stainless steel and aluminum mouth and body, its single mid-bend shaft, with swift back wings precision, this mallet promotes forgiveness with its circumferential weight and superior sound and response. Left hand version is also available.

Phantom X Waiting and Shafts: Each new Phantom X Putter features enhanced stability weights with two custom stainless steel heel-to-weight and stapleless steel shafts.

New grips: Each new Phantom X Potter comes with an updated Pistollero Plus grip with a non-slip and decorative texture that, like its Pistollero Plus predecessors, has less tapping for the ideal combination of size, feel and response when paired with the Phantom X. Mallet Potter

Finish and graphics: The new 2022 Phantom X stainless steel potter heads go through the Scooter’s Silver Mist process for almost-durable, shiny, yet glamorous, look and texture. Aluminum components of 6061 aircraft grade are incorrect and anodized black. Scooty’s well-known three-dot theme carries the Phantom X5, 5.5, 5s, 7 and 7.5 as a raw circle painted in stainless steel in the rear cavities. The vision lines of the Phantom X5, 5.5, 5s are painted black, while the vision lines of the Phantom X7 and 7.5 use a combination of black and white lines. The visuals of the Phantom 9, 9.5, 11, 11.5 and 12 models are pronounced in light gray.

Availability and price
The new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5, 5.5, 7, 7.5, 9, 9.5, and 12 putter models will be available to titlelist approved retailers from April 15. The new Phantom X 5s, 11 and 11.5 models will be available from June 17
RRP: £ 409

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