The Rise and Fall of Orlando Brown Jr. Orlando Brown Jr., born 1996, was an offensive tackle who played for the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. He was a third-round draft pick for the Ravens in 2018 and was expected to excel in the league. Brown was a two-time All-American at the University of Oklahoma and was considered one of the top prospects in the country. However, his promising career was short-lived as he faced a series of problems off the field which eventually led to his downfall. Rise Orlando Brown Jr. comes from an athletic background. His father, Orlando Brown Sr., was also an NFL player, and Brown Jr. grew up playing football from a young age. He was initially interested in playing defensive tackle but eventually switched to offensive tackle. Brown was known for his size and strength on the field, standing 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 360 pounds. Brown played his college football at the University of Oklahoma, where he appeared in 36 games over three seasons. He made 28 starts in those games, earning All-American honors twice. He won the Morris Trophy Award for being the Pac-12’s top offensive lineman his junior year, which helped boost his draft stock. Brown declared for the NFL draft in 2018 and was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the third round. He was expected to become a key part of the team’s offensive line and provide stable protection for quarterback Joe Flacco. Brown exceeded expectations in his rookie year, starting 10 games and earning a spot on the Pro Football Writers of America All-Rookie Team. The Fall Sadly, Orlando Brown Jr. suffered a number of misfortunes that affected his performance on and off the field. His first issue came in 2019 when he had an altercation with a teammate in December, leading to a fight in which Brown punched his teammate. The incident resulted in Brown being benched for the final game of the season. In 2020, Orlando Brown Jr. was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a draft pick. The trade was prompted by Brown’s frustration with the Ravens not letting him play left tackle, where he wanted to play instead of right tackle. The Chiefs committed to giving Brown his preferred position and he played well with his new team, starting 10 games and helping them reach the Super Bowl. However, Brown’s troubles followed him to Kansas City. In September 2021, the NFL suspended Brown for six games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Brown was arrested in September 2020 for assaulting a woman, an incident to which he pleaded no contest. Additionally, he was arrested in November 2020 for driving under the influence and convicted of having a concealed weapon in his vehicle. Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the reason for Orlando Brown Jr.’s suspension? A. Brown was fired for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. He was arrested in September 2020 for assaulting a woman, to which he pleaded no contest. 2. Why was Orlando Brown Jr. traded to the Kansas City Chiefs? Answer: Brown was unhappy with his position with the Baltimore Ravens and wanted to play left tackle, where he believed he could excel. The Chiefs gave him the opportunity to play left tackle, which is what he wanted. 3. Did Orlando Brown Jr. have any prior incidents prior to his suspension? A: Yes, in 2019, Brown had a collision with a Ravens teammate that resulted in a one-game benching. Conclusion The rise and fall of Orlando Brown Jr. is a cautionary tale of how a promising career can be derailed by off-field issues. Brown’s physical attributes and talent on the field earned him a spot in the NFL, but his actions led to his downfall. His suspension and previous incidents for assaulting a woman show how bad decisions can affect a player’s career and reputation. Although Brown showed flashes of success during his time in the NFL, his off-field issues ultimately cut his career short.

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