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When we talk about legendary athletes, the first images that come to mind are Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Lionel Messi and Tiger Woods. Although golf doesn’t get the same attention as other sports, Woods is a world superstar. Why is it that good? Because no other player has done what he did.

But it’s not just about the record. There are some things where he is not a leader. Tiger Woods has left a deep mark in the history of golf, eventually becoming the true golf GOAT.

Tiger on Nicholas

For a long time, every golf enthusiast considered Jack Nicholas to be the best player of all time. And he can be called a great biography. However, he lacks something that Tiger has – a unique ability to change the way he looks at golf.

It is fair to say that Tiger Woods has changed golf forever. The player was ahead of his time in his best days, and still a great player. Whenever you check the odds of golf betting online, he is in the top three or five choices for each event. The fact that he has passed his prime shows how great an impression he has made on the sport.

With his modern style of play, Tiger rocked the game of golf. The world has never seen such a player before. Nicolaus was great when Save Balesteros gave it a European charm. Even with their incredible achievements, they have not been able to bring golf into the mainstream. Until Woods arrives. With his amazing ability to hit the ball and his fist rolling pumps and clubs, he has redefined the way we see golf and the way it is played.

Tiger is one of the very few golfers to have signed with the popular shoe and equipment company. Nike has used him in many of its promotional campaigns. It is fair to say that he was as big as Jordan in the 1990s and 2000s and it speaks volumes about his abilities and how he helped grow golf.

Incredible list of records

Woods has had a turbulent time over the past decade, but he recently returned to the limelight for the right reasons. As he prepares to return to the 2022 Masters, news outlets continue to remind us of his incredible feats.

For example, he teamed up with Sam Snead at 82 for the most wins on the PGA Tour. By comparison, Nicholas has won 73. He will break the record with another win, and it will happen soon. Woods has surpassed his peak over the years, and yet, no one has come close to his record.

At the age of 24, he joined the ranks of the youngest players to win a Slam, the legends of Nicolaus, Sarajevo, Hogan and Gary Player.

He is second in the Majors with 15, just three behind Nicholas. While many will argue that he doesn’t have the potential to win more, let’s remind everyone that he won the Masters tournament in 2019, 14 years after the last trophy there.

This is exactly why Woods is the true golf GOAT. Enjoy him as long as his career lasts – we may never see another player like him.

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