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Gambling can appear as both a boon and a loss. This is because on the one hand a player’s adrenaline rush, financial gain, and on the other hand, the stars are often likely to lose millions if they are not on their side. But what seems even more damaging is the problem of gambling and gambling addiction, which has emerged as a nationwide concern. As of 2021, approximately 0.5% of adults have gambling problems, and 13% of the adult population are negatively affected by gambling.

To address the growing problem, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has launched GamStop, a self-exclusion tool in all UKGC licensed casinos, games, etc. Once the required person registers for a certain period of solitude, GamStop prevents the user from accessing any. Gambling sites, apps, etc. Nowadays the functionality of GamStop has spread its services in the sports industry. Meanwhile, players in the UK still have access to non-gamestop online sportsbooks without these restrictions, which is why it is so important to promote responsible gambling. The UK sports industry is the center of betting, and sports like golf attract huge audiences. So, spreading gambling awareness from the golf court is a very good idea. The Professional Players Federation (PPF) is working hard to spread the message of self-exclusion programs and the harmful effects of gambling.

PPF is an organization that represents elite, well-known players across the UK. It represents the interests of players in the UK, including national players’ associations, professional football associations, golf associations, rugby, cricket, horse racing, etc. This body represents the opinion of the players. Players who want to be strong supporters of responsible gambling.

Why is it important for golfers to support gamestops?

A number of elite golfers have emerged as supporters of GamStop and have patterned themselves accordingly. The fact is not completely hidden that even players can be victims of problem gambling, and can be a kickstart of a new change rather than representing themselves and giving a role model for teammates.

The Professional Golf Association, representing the PPF, prioritizes safe gambling practices among its members so that their objectives reach a wider segment of the population. In addition, golfers are seen by many young and adults as idols or role models whom they want to emulate and follow. So, when a popular role model and star promotes the need to join GamStop and a positive message, a huge crowd of followers is affected.

Several golf stars have collaborated with GamStop and are its strong patrons. Golfers not only promote gambling addiction and its harmful effects, they also promote the use of self-exclusion software and programs in golf news. For the most part, they try to convey the message of how they can limit their time to gambling and thus reduce the consequences of gambling. In addition to wearing jerseys, and representing themselves as gamestops and responsible gamblers, these players also express their views on social media and at press conferences.

Potential gamestop supporters

  • Terrell Hatton– Tyrell Hatton’s fame is not unknown to the English. Undoubtedly he is competing in one of the most popular golfers in the UK, the PGA Tour, the European Championship and the Challenge Tour. Born in Buckinghamshire on October 14, 1991, the famous golfer has won six cups at home since his European tour. He has won the Rolex Series four times, and ten professional wins. He was always vocal about the need for responsible gambling and the urge to use gamestops when someone became a problem gambler.
  • Paul Casey– The professional golfer of the 2000s achieved his impressive best ‘Ranking No. 3’ in 2009. Born in Gloucestershire in 1977, he is known for his amazing stats, 15 wins on the European tour, 2 mega wins on the Asia Tour. 1 win on the PGA Tour in Australia. Revered as one of the best players of all time, Paul Casey himself used gamestops and promoted his support among his young fans.
  • Rory McLaughlin– One of the ‘most successful’ golfers of all time, Rory McClory is recognized for his exceptional performances and 28 professional wins. He has also been ranked as the ‘No. 1 Player’ in the official World Golf Rankings for 100 consecutive weeks. Born in 1989 and a native of Northern Ireland, he has won 18 PGAs, one Australian PGA Tour, one Asian Tour and fourteen European Tours. McClure increased his support for Gamestop during his active days and continues to do so to this day.

Matthew Fitzpatrick– Born in 1994, this young English golfer started the golfing industry by storm when he was just 16 years old. He has won seven professional titles and gained his reputation by winning the U.S. Amateur in 2013. He showed off his extraordinary skills at the 2015 British Masters, where he achieved his first professional win. His current statistics show his six wins on the European tour and one win on the Asian Tour. His highest ranking is 16. As a young adult, this golf star has shared his views with his fans on social media and has influenced a huge number of people to choose responsible gambling.

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