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After hearing the rave reviews from Dumbarnie Links, golf news reader Chris Meldrum went to Fif to find out what all the fuss was about.

Chris Meldram

Arguably opening a course in one of the most famous golfing areas in the world has to be very special, otherwise it is unlikely to be successful as it is a neighborhood of St. Andrews and Kingsburns – not to mention the likes of Eli, Lundin, Ladybank and Leven. Ever since I saw the Women’s Scottish Open in August 2021, I have wanted to enjoy the course for myself right after the course opened.

My first impression after arriving 20 minutes from my base in St. Andrews was a lovely Dumberny links, a short detour drive to the clubhouse, called The Old Burn, which opened just twelve months ago. As soon as you enter the clubhouse you know that you are entering for a great experience. I couldn’t talk enough about the food and the all-round service was outstanding, which seems to have come down from General Manager David Scott. Using local stone, the clubhouse fits its surroundings perfectly. Simplicity and style performed throughout the building’s interior, the incredible Clive Clark designed course leaves drama for the exterior.

Multiple tying options enable the course to be played from 5,300 to 7,600 yards

As soon as you walk through the front door and look down the first hole you are quite speechless. After a friendly chat with our starter who gave us the Goody Bag, it was decided that our favorite for the day was going to be the Blues at 6400 yards, which proved to be the perfect choice. The total yardage for the golf course varies from 5,300 to 6,900 yards. However, there is a special set of professional tees such as any future event should be held at Dumberney, there are 12 additional tees where the course can measure up to 7,600 yards.

As you stand in awe of the first fairway and of course a good proportion of man-made expansive mounds lined up, you’ll quickly realize how well a work designer Clive Clark and his team have done. After a couple of good hits on the first green defense burn, I was away.

There are some very large holes in the opening stretch, with tees walking back, an interesting design Dumbarnie before your next T-shot, not allowing you to see a glimpse of what is in front of you.

There is a chance to score well in the four equal risks and rewards, I forgot how many times I said ‘wow’ standing in each tee over time. The balance of all the holes is probably perfect, with a generous and balanced ascent and descent above the T, straight and Douglas holes.

My favorite is the gorgeous par 3 8M And par 49MTwo holes you will struggle to beat in any course.

Chris is teasing Dumbarnie’s Par 3 8, one of his favorite holes

I miss the 350 acres of open space, the lack of buildings other than the clubhouse, and if you’re lucky enough to play in the sun like me, there aren’t many other places you can go. Rather than be, in fact, there are fourteen bays in the holes and a view of the Fourth of Fourth.

The green surrounds and contours were nothing short of amazing, as was the overall condition. By the time I got back to Nine, I had to admit that I was having the funniest time on the golf course, I wasn’t birding every hole or even spending the rounds of my life, but I was enjoying it to the fullest. Keep.

The start of the back nine seemed more difficult, although it was possible to get there 4 12M, Where I lost my first ball of the round. 10M Apparently a second shot that fits the bill as Stroke Indicator 1 is needed to carry 240 yards through the water… I lay on it.

Holes 15-18 are set up to create the drama that we all love on the golf course, with 15 and 17 birdie possibilities and 16 and 18 two very demanding holes – such a great mix for golfers of all abilities.

After my round, I was left to reflect on how perfect, Dumberny was able to be in a short time of opening and it was only going to get better.

When people ask me if it’s worth the £ 258 green fee, my answer is “Every penny in it” must put Dumberny on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to come back.

About Dumberny

Dumberney Links is part of The Balkars Estate, owned by Lord Balniel. The 5,000-acre estate has belonged to Lord Balniel’s family for over 400 years, and the land has been unique since the 16th century.

Visitor Green Fee Range from £ 185- £ 270

Caddy Fee: Single Caddy £ 56 for Caddy £ 80 (plus optional gratuity)

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