Turning plywood into artistic pieces

# Turning plywood into an artistic piece for BlackLivesMatter

New York artist Tanda Francis has made plywood a masterpiece for the Black Life theme #campaign. To support the historic protest of the summer of 2020.

This is a huge support for those who took part in the permanent tribute to the justice movement. Artist Francis Plywood took it upon himself to create a masterpiece as a sculpture called “Rocket Black”. The plywood was cut into shapes as a meaningful symbol on the streets to support the Black Life Matter movement. It was a work made of minimal materials plywood, black paint.

Francis was one of five artists selected to participate in the Plywood Project. Neil Hamamoto, founder of Worthless Studios, said: “Our sculpture is a means of representing black life protests, and many voices in support of the movement can be heard through this art.

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It can bring out the powerful rhetoric # art by recycling plastic, wood and other used materials. A total of five sculptures have been displayed in the city which will be on display till November.

Black life matter movement

The BLM (#BlackLiveMater) social movement and significant protests in the history of the United States. Which began in the United States in 2020 and was carried forward by black and liberal communities in various countries.

Because of the violence against black people around the world, BLM builds strength and awareness to empower black people. Black people are protected worldwide through the BLM movement.

The #BlackLivesMatter hit social media in July 2013 when an African American teenager was shot dead and the same thing happened in the United States last year it has again revived the BLM movement. Movements are still going on online to support black people around the world.

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