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Motocaddy has unveiled the new line-up of M series power trolleys with the launch of upgraded M3 GPS and M3 GPS DHC models, followed by the brand new M7 GPS with remote-control touchscreen, which will go on sale later this summer.

The wide range of compact-folding electric trolleys now includes nine different models, including M1 and M1 DHC, M5 GPS and M5 GPS DHC; M7 remote and flagship M-TECH GPS.

All M-Series models either offer a separate DHC option or feature automatic downhill control function as standard. It is equipped with an electronic parking brake and special ‘all-terrain’ DHC wheels to maintain a constant speed when going down the gradient. Including a lightweight waterproof lithium battery, the Compact M-Series is powered by a next generation 28V motor. , While space-saving inverting wheels allow the trolley to be folded into a compact shape for easy transport and storage. The trolley handle is adjustable at any height, while the brand’s EASILOCK connection system eliminates the need for a low bag strap. All models also have a USB charging port.M3 GPS

The new M3 GPS has received a technological upgrade, added a new dynamic green view mode that updates the play to green shapes, and the ability to move the flag position on its 2.8-inch LCD touchscreen display. The M3 GPS can also connect to the Motocaddy GPS app via Bluetooth for optional smartphone alerts, courses and software updates.

Additional features include yards and hazards for over 40,000 preloaded courses worldwide, including front, medium and rear distances; A super-lightweight lithium battery with on-board charging; Measure shot distance; On-course AED locator and CPR instructions; Clock and round timer; Adjustable distance control up to 60 yards in plus five-yard increments.

It is available in graphite / lime color scheme at the following RRP – standard lithium battery £ 829.99, ultra lithium battery (£ 879.99). The M3 GPS DHC Also available for RP 879.99 RRP for the standard lithium battery and £ 929.99 for the Ultra version.


The brand new M7 GPS is the world’s first remote-controlled touchscreen trolley, featuring a fully-integrated GPS for more than 40,000 courses with a high-resolution 3.5-inch display. It also features cellular connectivity through the Motocaddy Performance Plan, which unlocks a selection of features available in a 12-month free trial with Trolley Purchase, among other features:

  • Complete hole mapping across 40,000 courses directly on the trolley handle;
  • Greenside danger and detailed green view including drag and pin location;
  • Tracking scores and statistics through the trolley’s touchscreen display;
  • Performance analysis via the free Motocaddy GPS app;
  • Real-time course updates to ensure the latest mapping access;
  • Notice of software updates and ‘on-the-go’ downloads.

New M7 GPS Also a rechargeable remote-control handset to move the trolley to the front, left, right and reverse, with an easy pause and resume feature, and the handset lock function so that it does not accidentally get involved. The remote provides an impressive 50-meter range for the golfer to always feel in control. The M7 GPSIt can also easily switch from remote to manual mode and come back again if the user wants to control it from the handle like a regular trolley with the speed control button. Includes all the high-performance GPS functions found on the super-responsive LCD touchscreen display

M5 GPS And M-Tech GPS Models with dynamic green view, clock, round timer, score tracking and shot distance measurement. It combines automatic downhill control with the latest advances in remote control technology that offers ultimate responsive control, as well as providing the trolley with a removable anti-tip rear wheel with climbing stability. RRP: £ 1,399.

For more information on the full range of Motocaddy products, including bags, batteries and accessories, visit www.motocaddy.com

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