Wade and Gourley Suningdale Foursomes – Girl Power Front as Golf Claims

Sunningdale Foursomes became the seventh all-female pair of Lotti Wade and Northumberland’s Rachael Gourley, while the amateur England squad pair defeated professional pair James Ruth and Paul Hendrickson 6 and 5 to win the famous championship in the final.

The 88th renewal of the historic team matchplay tournament attracted 128 pairs, with Wade and Gaurley, aged 18 and 17, respectively, the only all-female combination. The talented teenage pair, both of whom are studying at State College, enjoyed a virtual armchair ride to the finals, playing their first two games in impressive style, winning 6 and 5 and 7 and 6 to book themselves into the last 32.

Lotty Wade in action during Sunday’s Sundale Foursomes final

From there, the Surrey tour got a 2-up win for Wade and Gorley after a 3 and 1 win before their closest game against professional Adam Gay and James Heath.

In the quarterfinals, the pair defeated Thalia Kirby and Jake Ires 3 and 2, before they booked their place in the final with 2 and 1 wins against Kent amateurs Ed Richardson and Tom Sherrard.

The final, which was played in heavy rain, had a nip and a tick in exchange for the start, with Wade and Gaurley making quick starts as they took two holes in the opening. However, Ruth and Hendrixen, who were giving 10 shots to their amateur opponents, fought, made a birdie and tied the match on the 3rd and 4th. The girls got shots in the next three holes and took full advantage of the return to three after seven, and with Ruth and Hendrixen winning the eighth, the first hole was halved as Wade by the par-49 and the Gorley pair had a 2-up lead in the back nine. Took.

As the finals progressed, the weather conditions deteriorated, forcing the ground staff to clear the standing water from the greens before placing the players. But that didn’t stop Wade and Gorley, who won four holes in the bounce from the 10th, the latter rolling the 10-footer for Birdie in the 13th.M Claiming titles 6 and 5 – the first all-female pair to do so since 1997.

Gaurley, who plays for Arcot Hall and has represented England at all levels since making his debut against Spain in 2019, said: “It’s been a long week with a lot of holes, but we’re happy. Winning is a big event. We’ve worked together for England before, so we know each other well. We both drew and hit the same distance. “

Wade, a member of Farnham Golf Club, said: “We are both very happy. We’re looking at the names of those who won it before we had a good time. This year there was loads of great pairings and obviously we are very happy to be at the top. We had some great matches. “

Ruth summed up the task they faced in the final: “We played very well, but Lotti and Rachel are two great players and I don’t think Rahm and McIlroy beat them today!”

The way to the final of Rachel and Lottery
Final: James Ruth (China Fleet) and Paul Hendrixen (Ivy Bridge) 6 and 5
Semi-final: Ed Richardson (Redlibets) and Tom Sherrad (Kingshill) 2 and 1
Quarter finals: Thalia Kirby (Harleford) and Jack Iris (FoxHills) 3 and 2
Last 16: Adam G (Real Golf) James Heath (The Weasley) 2 Holes
3rd Rd: Rob Watson (Porters Park) and James Rubotham (Welwyn Garden City) 3 and 1
2nd Rd: Ben Kerr (Royal Warlington & Newmarket) & Jack Plumb (Gog Magg) 7 & 6
1st Rd: John Kennedy (Freelford Heath) and Miley Anderson (Badzmore Park) 6 and 5

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