Top New Zealand Golfers – Golf News

Golf is often regarded as the most popular sport in New Zealand. In addition, the beauty of nature and New Zealand’s fresh green terrain make it one of the best golf courses in the world. New Zealand golfers can witness 18 holes, such as green mountain edges, gorgeous rock formations, and several spectacular views against the expanse of the royal blue waters.

In fact, in New Zealand, golf tourism is an active sector that a tourist should not miss when visiting New Zealand. On average, the total wealth of the golf industry in NZ is $ 54 million of annual GDP.

This proves that Kiwis are particularly crazy about golf, they often meet NZ bookmakers from the Casinodeps list and at least 500,000 of them have registered themselves as club members or played golf. In New Zealand, one can witness the rich spirit of golf and this has allowed the world to recognize some of the best golfers in the world.

New Zealand’s best golfers of all time:

Michael Shane Campbell, a heartthrob of the Kiwis known as Michael Campbell. Born on February 23, 1969, in Taranaki Hawera, the Mওori player is known for bringing 15 professional wins. He is also known to have won the 2005 US Open and the richest cash prize in golf, the 1000 1000,000 HSBC World Match Play Championship.

He has a huge number of 8 wins on the European tour and 7 wins on the PGA tour of Australia. He is also known as the co-founder of Project Lifefoot Trust, an organization that works extensively to help New Zealand community sports clubs reduce their impact on the environment, as well as save money.

Another popular star who has fascinated Kiwis is Mark Brown. Born in Lower Hat on February 9, 1975, the player began his youth with a rough patch, without much success on the PGA Tour, the Canadian Tour and the Asian Tour in Australia. However, in 2007 he finished 4th in the top 10 on the Asian Tour and 15th in the Order of Merit.

His success rate has been increasing in every match. Furthermore, in 2009, he witnessed his victory at the SAIL Open Golf Championship, the first Asian Tour event held in JP Greens, India. He also won the Johnny Walker Classic in a row. His outstanding performance ranked him 64th in the official world ranking chart, the highest ranking NZ player at the time.

Also known as Bo-Gyung Lydia Ko, this Korean-born player is probably the most successful of all female golfers in New Zealand. Not only has he won 23 professional titles, he also won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and a bronze at the 2020 Olympics.

She has won 17 LPGA Tours, 6 Ladies European Tours, 1 Korea Tour LPGA and 5 ALPG Tours. She also won the title of ‘No. 1-ranked female’ professional player on February 2, 2015, when she was just 17 years and 9 months old. This makes her the No. 1 professional player in the rankings as the youngest female player.

Top supporters of Kiwi golfers:

The game of golf and golf star is being adorned by countless fans of all ages. Most young fans have taken fashion statements from their favorite golfers. Clocks and golf complement each other because it represents the ultimate in two different luxury worlds. Elite and well-known golfers are also known by the brands of watches they carry on their wrists.

Rolex is definitely the most preferred choice. The famous trio, Gary Player, Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer, together known as “The Big Three”, have been wearing Rolex for over a decade. Other big price brands are Audemars Piguet, and Omega, who have actively sponsored Kiwi and the tournament.

Betting operators are a source of financial transactions during a game. On the one hand, they provide sponsorships for the training of amateur players, and on the other hand, they also actively fund several tournaments.

The Kiwis themselves voted Bet365 as their favorite bookie. Other important gambling operators include Betway, 888Sport, Leovegas, 22Bet, Rabona, etc.

Luxury car brands such as Volkswagen have celebrated tradition in New Zealand and have been an active part of the Kiwis since 1977. Inspired by the celebrity status of golf in New Zealand, Volkswagen has recently launched ‘Volkswagen Golf’.

Giltrap Group is a leading car dealer in NewsZ. It has helped sponsor many golf events. BMW is undoubtedly undefeated when it comes to sponsoring events as well as players.


Golf is an integral part of Kiwi life. Golfers have gained the status of celebrants over time. Several golf stars are regarded as legends of the New Zealand golf industry. Nick Voke (world ranking 44), Daniel Hillier (world ranking 67), Ryan Chisnal (world ranking 81), etc. are just a few names.

From a very young age children are very enthusiastic about taking golf as their career and moving forward with it and the success rate of Kiwis in the golf industry is easily found in it.

Top Golfers to Support GamStop – Golf News

Gambling can appear as both a boon and a loss. This is because on the one hand a player’s adrenaline rush, financial gain, and on the other hand, the stars are often likely to lose millions if they are not on their side. But what seems even more damaging is the problem of gambling and gambling addiction, which has emerged as a nationwide concern. As of 2021, approximately 0.5% of adults have gambling problems, and 13% of the adult population are negatively affected by gambling.

To address the growing problem, UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has launched GamStop, a self-exclusion tool in all UKGC licensed casinos, games, etc. Once the required person registers for a certain period of solitude, GamStop prevents the user from accessing any. Gambling sites, apps, etc. Nowadays the functionality of GamStop has spread its services in the sports industry. Meanwhile, players in the UK still have access to non-gamestop online sportsbooks without these restrictions, which is why it is so important to promote responsible gambling. The UK sports industry is the center of betting, and sports like golf attract huge audiences. So, spreading gambling awareness from the golf court is a very good idea. The Professional Players Federation (PPF) is working hard to spread the message of self-exclusion programs and the harmful effects of gambling.

PPF is an organization that represents elite, well-known players across the UK. It represents the interests of players in the UK, including national players’ associations, professional football associations, golf associations, rugby, cricket, horse racing, etc. This body represents the opinion of the players. Players who want to be strong supporters of responsible gambling.

Why is it important for golfers to support gamestops?

A number of elite golfers have emerged as supporters of GamStop and have patterned themselves accordingly. The fact is not completely hidden that even players can be victims of problem gambling, and can be a kickstart of a new change rather than representing themselves and giving a role model for teammates.

The Professional Golf Association, representing the PPF, prioritizes safe gambling practices among its members so that their objectives reach a wider segment of the population. In addition, golfers are seen by many young and adults as idols or role models whom they want to emulate and follow. So, when a popular role model and star promotes the need to join GamStop and a positive message, a huge crowd of followers is affected.

Several golf stars have collaborated with GamStop and are its strong patrons. Golfers not only promote gambling addiction and its harmful effects, they also promote the use of self-exclusion software and programs in golf news. For the most part, they try to convey the message of how they can limit their time to gambling and thus reduce the consequences of gambling. In addition to wearing jerseys, and representing themselves as gamestops and responsible gamblers, these players also express their views on social media and at press conferences.

Potential gamestop supporters

  • Terrell Hatton– Tyrell Hatton’s fame is not unknown to the English. Undoubtedly he is competing in one of the most popular golfers in the UK, the PGA Tour, the European Championship and the Challenge Tour. Born in Buckinghamshire on October 14, 1991, the famous golfer has won six cups at home since his European tour. He has won the Rolex Series four times, and ten professional wins. He was always vocal about the need for responsible gambling and the urge to use gamestops when someone became a problem gambler.
  • Paul Casey– The professional golfer of the 2000s achieved his impressive best ‘Ranking No. 3’ in 2009. Born in Gloucestershire in 1977, he is known for his amazing stats, 15 wins on the European tour, 2 mega wins on the Asia Tour. 1 win on the PGA Tour in Australia. Revered as one of the best players of all time, Paul Casey himself used gamestops and promoted his support among his young fans.
  • Rory McLaughlin– One of the ‘most successful’ golfers of all time, Rory McClory is recognized for his exceptional performances and 28 professional wins. He has also been ranked as the ‘No. 1 Player’ in the official World Golf Rankings for 100 consecutive weeks. Born in 1989 and a native of Northern Ireland, he has won 18 PGAs, one Australian PGA Tour, one Asian Tour and fourteen European Tours. McClure increased his support for Gamestop during his active days and continues to do so to this day.

Matthew Fitzpatrick– Born in 1994, this young English golfer started the golfing industry by storm when he was just 16 years old. He has won seven professional titles and gained his reputation by winning the U.S. Amateur in 2013. He showed off his extraordinary skills at the 2015 British Masters, where he achieved his first professional win. His current statistics show his six wins on the European tour and one win on the Asian Tour. His highest ranking is 16. As a young adult, this golf star has shared his views with his fans on social media and has influenced a huge number of people to choose responsible gambling.

How can golfers spread the message of responsible gambling? – Golf News

Not surprisingly, the British made more bets than anywhere else in the world. According to the 2020 report, Gross Gambling Yield or GGY in Great Britain was 5.89 billion pounds. On average, the total value of the global gambling industry stands at 59 59 billion. This information clearly indicates the love of gambling among people. It is estimated that about three-quarters of the Western world is involved in gambling.

It also focuses on the fact that a large proportion of people deviate from adrenaline rush, and gambling excitement, and suffer from gambling addiction and gambling problems. The UK alone has recorded more than 3 million problem gamblers, and 7% of the population is negatively affected by gambling.

This raises a nationwide concern, and various initiatives are being taken by the government, such as introducing the GamStop program in 2018 to all UKGC-licensed operators. GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that prevents users from accessing any gambling equipment, websites. , Or software for a specific period of time selected by the user When you decide to bet on sports providers that are not on GamStop in the UK, you need to understand this and be careful. This is a major step towards promoting responsible gambling practices.

Responsible gambling is often defined as a specific set of responsibilities that an individual needs to follow in order to practice safe gambling, initiatives taken by the government, gambling industry, gaming control board etc.

Sports in the UK love gambling, and golf is one of the favorite sports of the English. According to a 2021 report, it was reported that the PGA Tour has teamed up with the AGA (American Gaming Association) to promote responsible gambling practices.

Ways to spread the message of responsible gambling:

Recent golf fan bases show that children from the largest part of the fan base. Therefore, in addition to promoting gambling, drug advertising is equally harmful. Children, adolescents and young adults gain high influence from golf stars, whom they see as their idols and who either want to imitate them or follow in their footsteps. Therefore, role models have a responsibility to guide their fans, promote responsible gambling habits, educate them about the harmful effects of problem gambling, and promote self-exclusion programs:

  • Sponsorship from GamStop and GamStop options such as GamBan, Betlocker, Betfilter, etc.. Golf clubs can strengthen their cause by seeking sponsorship from self-excluding software brands. Having all the support programs is vital and players should be aware of this when it comes to choosing a sports provider. This stunt further proves that their problem is contempt for gambling habits.
  • Avoid gambling firm promotions: Golfers must promise not to promote gambling companies at any cost. It is true that gambling firms often sponsor various events and tournaments, so this may be unavoidable in situations where gambling firms are not promoted. But recently, it has been observed that professional golf associations try to avoid all kinds of engagements with gambling firms. It is true that even players can be problematic gamblers because gambling problems are deeply involved and require expert care and therapy. Special treatment is provided to support athletes who have problems with gambling. The club is also informed about the progress of the players.
  • Raise awareness of self-exclusion programs such as gamestops The Professional Golf Association considers that any of its supporting bookmakers must be registered with Gamestop. This will on the one hand prevent any indulgence with the gambling habit for a certain period of time which is good enough to recover from the problem of gambling and on the other hand will establish exemplary evidence to follow other sports organizations. In addition, fans can view their favorite idols and learn responsible gambling values.
  • Promote gambling damage, its signs and symptoms Although gambling ensures both thrills and financial results. But the nature of gambling addiction does more harm than good. Several golf stars, such as Matthew Fitzpatrick, have actively talked about the evils of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction leads to anxiety, depression, financial difficulties, insomnia and in extreme cases suicide. In addition, gamblers isolate themselves from family, friends, and work, and blindly focus on their social responsibilities. These things need to be communicated among the fans to promote responsible gambling habits.


Responsible gambling should be the highest priority of the nation’s citizens. Gambling has a detrimental effect, not just on one individual, but on the nation as a whole. When there is a competition, there is always interest in gambling and people should know how to behave. The awareness spread by golfers has been reflected quite positively on the fans. But, it is also true that change can only happen if a person is willing, or a person can completely recover from gambling and gambling addiction if they are willing to change on their own.

Why do golf fans join the gamestop self-exclusion? – Golf News

Problems Gambling and gambling addiction have become a danger to nations. It is estimated that about three-quarters of the western world is an active participant in gambling. But over time, about 4% of problems appear as gamblers, or feel emotionally dependent on gambling, or gambling disrupts daily life and work. According to a 2020 survey in Great Britain, about 1.4 million people became victims of gambling. Data analysis further reports that gambling has a negative impact on the lives of about 3.6 million people. Furthermore, it was also reported that more than half of the people either refused help or could not seek medical help to treat their gambling addiction.

To deal with such situations, the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has launched a self-exclusion program, GamStop, in all UKGC licensed casinos. Self-exclusion programs are initiatives that prevent the user from engaging in any gambling websites or programs during the exclusion period. But as reported by, players can continue to gamble using betting sites that are not on GamStop that are not part of the self-exclusion system. Registering on GamStop is easy and free. All interested users are required to complete the registration form with personal details and select the duration of the trip.

Shares a symbiotic relationship with the UK gambling industry. The English love to bet on their favorite sport, be it football, golf or cricket. This is because online sports betting is legal in the UK. Gambling brands such as Bet365, William Hill, Betway, etc. manage the biggest sportsbooks.

Betting on the golf industry

The popularity of the golf industry has been growing rapidly in recent decades. This further suggests that the game has a high probability of placing bets on athletes. Records from 2022 indicate that betting sites such as Unibet, NetBet, PaddyPower have emerged as the best online betting sites for golf.

Around the world of golf, you can easily find a number of gambling games all over the world. The most popular golf games include Nassau, Stableford, Bingo Bingo Bingo, etc. Online themes of these games are available and are quite popular among regular golf-loving gamblers.

That’s why golf fans join self-exclusion

It is considered that the role of golf stars has a lot to do with influencing their fans. Young fans see their favorite golf stars as idols and want to imitate and follow in their footsteps. Young gamers need to register on GamStop. This is because of the possibility that the minds of these youngsters become addicted to games and they spend a lot of time in front of their desktop, laptop or mobile screen. This hinders both their mind and body and over time these players have a chance to lose track of reality. This has had a tremendous impact on their competition, their careers as a whole. Parents also often look to the role models in the media to promote responsible gaming, as well as the addictive nature they express, so that young people are apprehensive about their activities.

For the most part, well-known and renowned golfers such as Tyrell Hatton, Paul Casey, Rory McLaughlin, etc., have presented themselves as gamestop supporters and have emerged as voices, educating their fans about responsible gambling practices. They also used the media to promote the benefits of gamestop and the reasons for using it.

The Professional Golf Association consists of elite, well-known players representing the Professional Players Federation (PPF). It is known that PPF is an organization that expresses the best interests of the players. Recent reports indicate that PPF reveals that players have a vested interest in promoting responsible gambling practices.

The truth about the growing problem of gambling among golf stars is no secret. When an elite player on the team spreads awareness about responsible gambling practice, they also have to follow the rules. It seems to be a slow kickstart to follow in the footsteps of fellow teammates.

GamStop and other alternatives to GamStop, such as BetBlocker, Gamblock, Netnanny, etc., have started sponsoring a number of golf events so that they can spread the message of responsible gambling among citizens, along with gambling portals and their self-exclusion programs.


In addition to football, golf is another popular sporting industry that has raised concerns about the growing statistics of gambling and gambling addiction. Therefore, educating their fans about the symptoms, and the consequences of problem gambling and gambling addiction also appears as a key responsibility.

GamStop services are free and everyone who plays under UKGC-licensed casinos can enjoy it. GamStop’s promotion by the golf industry has successfully persuaded fans to enroll in the program and walk the path of responsible gambling.

Masters 2022: T Times for Round 1 and 2 – Golf News

Tea time in the first round of the 86th Masters has been delayed by 30 minutes due to an overnight storm at Augusta National. Tiger Woods will now be out at 4.04pm (UK time) in the company of Louis Ostuizen and Joaquin Niemann. Rory McIlroy begins his Masters journey with Matt Fitzpatrick and Brooks Koepker at 7.33pm.

Tom Watson will join for the first time as an honorary starter with Jack Nicholas and Gary Player, the trio will hit a T-shot for the first time at 1.15pm. Watson, 72, won the second of his two green jackets in 1981, and will join six-time champion Nicholas, 82, and three-time winner, 86, for the official start of the tournament.

T-time (all time BST)

First Round – Thursday, April 7th

13:30 Jos Marিয়াa Olajabal (Spa), JJ Span (USA)
13:41 Austin Griezer (US), Padrig Harrington (Ire), Mike Weir (Can)
13:52 Larry Maize (USA), Francesco Molinari (ETA), Sep Straca (OT)
14:03 Fred Couples (USA), Garrick Higo (SA), Guido Migliozi (Eta)
14:14 Kyung-Hun Lee (Core), Ryan Palmer (USA), Vijay Singh (Phiz)
14:25 Min-woo Lee (Australia), Hudson Swaford (USA), Cameron Young (USA)
14:36 Stuart Sink (USA), Brian Herman (USA), Harry Higgs (USA)
14:47 Aaron Jarvis (K), Jack Johnson (USA), Si U Kim (Core)
15:09 Mackenzie Hughes (Can), Look List (USA), Matthew Wolf (USA)
15:20 Talor Gooch (USA), Jason Kokrak (USA), Danny Willett (Eng.)
15:31 Max Homa (USA), Shane Lori (Ayr), Kevin Na (USA)
15:42 Daniel Burger (USA), Tommy Fleetwood (Eng.), Kevin Kissner (USA)
15:53 Paul Casey (Eng.), Bryson Dichambu (USA), Cameron Smith (Australia)
16:04 Joaquin Niemann (Chi), Louis Ostuizen (SA), Tiger Woods (USA)
16:15 Hideki Matsuyama (JPN), James Piot (United States), Justin Thomas (United States)
16:26 Tony Finau (USA), Scotty Schaffler (USA), Adam Scott (Australia)
16:48 Stuart Hagestad (USA), Sandy Lyle (SCO)
16:59 Cameron Champ (US), Lucas Glover (US), Eric Van Ruen (SA)
17:10 Christian Bezuidenhout (SA), Cameron Davis (Austria), Bernhard Langer (Tsar)
17:21 Robert McIntyre (SCO), Charles Schwartzel (SA), Laird Shepherd (Eng.)
17:32 Takumi Kanaya (Jpn), Justin Rose (Eng), Gary Woodland (US)
17:43 Corey Connors (Can), Russell Henley (USA), Lee Westwood (Eng.)
17:54 Lucas Herbert (Aus), Seamus Power (Ire), Patrick Reed (US)
18:05 Tom Hogg (United States), Keita Nakajima (JPN), Bubba Watson (United States)
18:27 Sung Ja Im (Korean), Mark Leshman (Aus), Web Simpson (US)
18:38 Sergio Garcia (Spa), Thomas Peters (Bell), Harold Werner III (USA)
18:49 Abraham Anser (Max), Sam Burns (USA), Tyrell Hatton (Eng.)
19:00 Billy Herschel (USA), Dustin Johnson (USA), Colin Marikawa (USA)
19:11 Patrick Cantley (USA), John Rahm (Spa), Will Galatoris (USA)
19:22 Victor Howland (Knorr), Gender Schaefel (USA), Jordan Spieth (USA)
19:33 Matthew Fitzpatrick (Eng.), Brooks Koepka (USA), Rory McIlroy (NI)

Second Round – Friday, April 8th

13:00 Stuart Hagestad (USA), Sandy Lyle (SCO)
13:11 Cameron Champ (USA), Lucas Glover (USA, Eric Van Ruen (SA))
13:22 Christian Bezuidenhout (SA), Cameron Davis (Austria), Bernhard Langer (Tsar)
13:33 Robert McIntyre (SCO), Charles Schwartzel (SA), Laird Shepherd (Eng.)
13:44 Takumi Kanaya (Jpn), Justin Rose (Eng), Gary Woodland (US)
13:55 Corey Connors (Can), Russell Henley (USA), Lee Westwood (Eng.)
14:06 Lucas Herbert (Aus), Seamus Power (Ire), Patrick Reed (US)
14:17 Tom Hogg (United States), Keita Nakajima (JPN), Bubba Watson (United States)
14:39 Sung Ja Im (Korean), Mark Leshman (Aus), Web Simpson (US)
14:50 Sergio Garcia (Spa), Thomas Peters (Bell), Harold Werner III (USA)
15:01 Abraham Anser (Max), Sam Burns (USA), Tyrell Hatton (Eng.)
15:12 Billy Herschel (USA), Dustin Johnson (USA), Colin Marikawa (USA)
15:23 Patrick Cantley (USA), John Rahm (Spa), Will Galatoris (USA)
15:34 Victor Howland (Knorr), Gender Schaefel (USA), Jordan Spieth (USA)
15:45 Matthew Fitzpatrick (Eng.), Brooks Koepka (USA), Rory McIlroy (NI)
15:56 Jos Marিয়াa Olajabal (Spa), JJ Span (USA)
16:18 Austin Griezer (USA), Padrig Harrington (Eyre), Mike Weir (Can)
16:29 Larry Maize (USA), Francesco Molinari (ETA), Sep Straca (OT)
16:40 Fred Couples (USA), Garrick Higo (SA), Guido Migliozi (Eta)
16:51 Kyung-Hun Lee (Core), Ryan Palmer (USA), Vijay Singh (Phiz)
17:02 Min-woo Lee (Australia), Hudson Swaford (USA), Cameron Young (USA)
17:13 Stuart Sink (USA), Brian Herman (USA), Harry Higgs (USA)
17:24 Aaron Jarvis (K), Jack Johnson (USA), C. U. Kim (Core)
17:35 Mackenzie Hughes (Can), Look List (USA), Matthew Wolf (USA)
17:57 Talor Gooch (USA), Jason Kokrak (USA), Danny Willett (Eng.)
18:08 Max Homa (USA), Shane Lori (Ayr), Kevin Na (USA)
18:19 Daniel Burger (USA), Tommy Fleetwood (Eng.), Kevin Kissner (USA)
18:30 Paul Casey (Eng.), Bryson Dichambu (USA), Cameron Smith (Australia)
18:41 Joaquin Niemann (Chi), Louis Ostuizen (SA), Tiger Woods (USA)
18:52 Hideki Matsuyama (JPN), James Piot (United States), Justin Thomas (United States)
19:03 Tony Finau (USA), Scotty Schaffler (USA), Adam Scott (Australia)

5 of the best golf-themed online slots – Golf News

It’s common for golfers to bet on who will win which round, but if you want to bet on casinos, check out these great golf slots.

Start with a no deposit bonus

The best golf slots offer the opportunity to combine two fun pastimes and the smartest way to play is to take advantage of the best no deposit bonus. Using these promotions is the perfect way to sample a game or even a casino, a chance to win real cash without taking any risk on your own. While no deposit promo features a withdrawal cap (upper limit on wins), they are still a great deal for both old hands and new players. To learn more about these top promotions, just click this link (which also includes an updated bonus list) –

Hole in one, by rival gaming

The first of our top golf slots is Hole in One, amalgamated by rival gaming. This light-hearted game features the standard five reels and comes with 15 pellines. The symbols will be very familiar to sports fans, such as golf carts and golf balls, and one of the best is the eagle. It acts as a wild, stretching to fill a reel for a great chance to win. Birds, meanwhile, act as scattered. There is a bonus game when three or more shows. Unusually for a slot, it relies on efficiency rather than opportunity. Players will need to play some mini-golf, aspiring to get a hole in one, with more birdie symbols appearing with a larger payout. Playing this slot is another great way to relax with golf.

Hole in One: The Back Nine, by Rival Gaming

The sequel to the aforementioned game, followed by Rival Gaming Hole in One the Back Nine, has 1-15 lines. Even the base game can offer some significant rewards if luck smiles on you, 300 times for getting enough The Back 9 logo and 500 times if enough female golfers are present. Golf clubs, balls and other related gear are all displayed on the relay and also offer delicious prizes. The extended wilds come when the flagsticks show up and give the winner a better chance of spin landing. And if you want to test your skills then watch the bonus game by playing Back Nine (appropriately). It is triggered by three to five scatterings, with big prizes for each hole in one (which is also impressive for professionals).

Argyle Open, by Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the most popular studios in the neighborhood, so it’s no surprise that they have golf in a wide range of slots. Argyle Open comes with five reels and 40 pellets. Return on the player (RTP) is a little above average 96.42% which presents a decent shot to finish in black. The Wilds Argyle Open logo appears in the form of symbols and can be stacked on any one of the five reels. In addition, the hole symbol is scattered. Get three to trigger the bonus mechanic of this slot. When this happens the player is taken to a new screen and five golfers are offered a choice. After selecting, the action goes into the hole. The more the ball is hit, the more rewards, the second bonus trigger, the second cash prize, and the third free spin. Even better, all prizes are doubled during free spins.

Golden Tour, by Platek

The ideal slot game for golfers who like beautiful and simple things is the Golden Tour of the main software studio Platek. One of the biggest attractions is the very high RTP of 97.71%, well above the standard for slots. In contrast, the layout of the reels, including five reels and three rows, and five pelins (lower side), is very standard. However, a victory requires only two (or more) combined symbols. The maximum payout for Golden Tour players is 2,000x. It’s a little older than some of the other slots that can make the graphics dated, and the slots are festooned with golf gear from shoes to balls and golf bags. Farewell and accompanying bird song backgrounds are rather soothing. The double-ball symbol can replace anything by saving wild and scattered bullets. Speaking of which, gophers, catfish and ducks are all scattered. To activate the bonus game, get three of the same type, which involves picking three golf clubs (crucially, any golfer knows in real life), one prize for each and a bigger prize for the more scattered.

Lucky shot, by Microgaming

Another top slot from Microgaming is Lucky Shot, a 5 × 3 reel game with 20 adjustable paylines. Both the golfer and the corresponding paraphernalia festoon reel, provide bigger wins than the former successors. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish in style, and the scatterings can offer significant rewards. There are two bonus symbols, which help to eliminate a wild unusual. Gopher and golf carts are the way to this bonus mechanics, and can see the player go with a free spin and win up to 300x.

If the course is closed or you prefer a little casino gaming with a taste for golf, check out these top five golf slots.

Fitzpatrick looks to dominate Augusta National with ease wearing special edition

Skechers, The Comfort Technology Company ™, Has unveiled a special edition of their new PRO 5 HYPER shoe that will be worn by Skechers Elite Golfer Matt Fitzpatrick at The Masters this week.

Fitzpatrick has been given a late start time of 7.03pm (BST) for his first round, grouped with Rory McIlroy and four-time major champion Brooks Koepker.

Her white and green shoes feature masters-inspired design elements with the dignified and iconic color of the Augusta National Golf Club logo. The shoe has a speckled hyper burst: diamond traction plate with midsole, leather heel overlay and performance S logo.

As well as a white and green option Mats Masters lineup also includes stylish black and yellow options. It also pays homage to the iconic Augusta National color across the outsole of the diamond traction plate and the performance SKO on the upper sidewall.

Fitzpatrick made his Masters debut in 2014 after becoming the first Englishman to win the US Amateur at Brooklyn in 2013 for more than 100 years. Since then, the 27-year-old has become the mainstay of a weekly vacation at the Augusta Nationals, cutting in the presence of his last six Masters. The 2021 Masters Fitzpatrick hit the fairway with 88% shots, the best of all competitors.

New – Sketchers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper3

Skechers GO GOLF Pro 5 Hyper offers innovative comfort and style with many features. Sketchers Performance Pro golfer Matt Fitzpatrick wears a spiked golf shoe with a high-performance racemax: a removable Arch Fit® comfort insole with cushioning, a ultra-light hyper BURST® cushioned midsole for a dynamic track. A waterproof synthetic top with grip and one year waterproof warranty.

Travel Features: Dumberny Link – Golf News

After hearing the rave reviews from Dumbarnie Links, golf news reader Chris Meldrum went to Fif to find out what all the fuss was about.

Chris Meldram

Arguably opening a course in one of the most famous golfing areas in the world has to be very special, otherwise it is unlikely to be successful as it is a neighborhood of St. Andrews and Kingsburns – not to mention the likes of Eli, Lundin, Ladybank and Leven. Ever since I saw the Women’s Scottish Open in August 2021, I have wanted to enjoy the course for myself right after the course opened.

My first impression after arriving 20 minutes from my base in St. Andrews was a lovely Dumberny links, a short detour drive to the clubhouse, called The Old Burn, which opened just twelve months ago. As soon as you enter the clubhouse you know that you are entering for a great experience. I couldn’t talk enough about the food and the all-round service was outstanding, which seems to have come down from General Manager David Scott. Using local stone, the clubhouse fits its surroundings perfectly. Simplicity and style performed throughout the building’s interior, the incredible Clive Clark designed course leaves drama for the exterior.

Multiple tying options enable the course to be played from 5,300 to 7,600 yards

As soon as you walk through the front door and look down the first hole you are quite speechless. After a friendly chat with our starter who gave us the Goody Bag, it was decided that our favorite for the day was going to be the Blues at 6400 yards, which proved to be the perfect choice. The total yardage for the golf course varies from 5,300 to 6,900 yards. However, there is a special set of professional tees such as any future event should be held at Dumberney, there are 12 additional tees where the course can measure up to 7,600 yards.

As you stand in awe of the first fairway and of course a good proportion of man-made expansive mounds lined up, you’ll quickly realize how well a work designer Clive Clark and his team have done. After a couple of good hits on the first green defense burn, I was away.

There are some very large holes in the opening stretch, with tees walking back, an interesting design Dumbarnie before your next T-shot, not allowing you to see a glimpse of what is in front of you.

There is a chance to score well in the four equal risks and rewards, I forgot how many times I said ‘wow’ standing in each tee over time. The balance of all the holes is probably perfect, with a generous and balanced ascent and descent above the T, straight and Douglas holes.

My favorite is the gorgeous par 3 8M And par 49MTwo holes you will struggle to beat in any course.

Chris is teasing Dumbarnie’s Par 3 8, one of his favorite holes

I miss the 350 acres of open space, the lack of buildings other than the clubhouse, and if you’re lucky enough to play in the sun like me, there aren’t many other places you can go. Rather than be, in fact, there are fourteen bays in the holes and a view of the Fourth of Fourth.

The green surrounds and contours were nothing short of amazing, as was the overall condition. By the time I got back to Nine, I had to admit that I was having the funniest time on the golf course, I wasn’t birding every hole or even spending the rounds of my life, but I was enjoying it to the fullest. Keep.

The start of the back nine seemed more difficult, although it was possible to get there 4 12M, Where I lost my first ball of the round. 10M Apparently a second shot that fits the bill as Stroke Indicator 1 is needed to carry 240 yards through the water… I lay on it.

Holes 15-18 are set up to create the drama that we all love on the golf course, with 15 and 17 birdie possibilities and 16 and 18 two very demanding holes – such a great mix for golfers of all abilities.

After my round, I was left to reflect on how perfect, Dumberny was able to be in a short time of opening and it was only going to get better.

When people ask me if it’s worth the £ 258 green fee, my answer is “Every penny in it” must put Dumberny on your bucket list, you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to come back.

About Dumberny

Dumberney Links is part of The Balkars Estate, owned by Lord Balniel. The 5,000-acre estate has belonged to Lord Balniel’s family for over 400 years, and the land has been unique since the 16th century.

Visitor Green Fee Range from £ 185- £ 270

Caddy Fee: Single Caddy £ 56 for Caddy £ 80 (plus optional gratuity)

For more information visit:

Rory Msilroy: “I’m just going to be mine” – Golf News

As he began his 15th season as a professional, Rory McIlroy A year’s reflection, which to date, has seen him win two PGA Tour events, but failed to compete in the major competitions, briefly slipped out of the top 10 in the world and endured an unfortunate Rider Cup that ended in tears.

For most professional golfers the years go by in the CV, a season where two wins and seven top ten finishes are currently counted as a pretty decent return. OK, if you haven’t been called Rory McIlroy.
Ever since he entered the professional scene at the age of 17 – and for many years before that – big things have been expected from Rory. And for the greater part of his career he made those promises and some.

Four major championships before the age of 25; 23 top-10 major finishes; 19 PGA Tour wins; 14 European Tour wins; Three Race to Dubai titles; Two FedEx Cup titles and ranked No. 1 in the world for over 100 weeks. Throw in six Rider Cup appearances and you have a pretty easy record making.
But dig through all the statistics, all the Ws, and all the money, and the annoying feeling remains that Rory didn’t get the results he deserved for his almost indomitable talent. Well, he’s only 32, and one or two years left from his absolute golfing prime, but already all the miles under his belt and all the other confusion that is now entering his life, it’s hard to know whether McIlroy’s best golf years are behind him or Still in front of him.
Last month’s CJ Cup win, and another win at the Wells Fargo Championship in May, may point to the latter, but before that his last win comes in November 2019 at the WGC-HSBC Championships in China. He lost at number one in his world. In June last year, the situation dropped to 14M In the rankings – his worst position since November 2009 – before he returned to eighth after his win in Las Vegas last month.

And in a game basically, and perhaps unjustly, judged by the major championship win, he has not won a single one since the PGA Championship in 2014 and he still painfully wins a Masters from completing the Major’s career Grand Slam. And not to mention the fourth place at the Tokyo Olympics where he was eliminated from the seven-way play-off for the bronze medal.
It’s probably no coincidence that Rory’s epidemic began and his first child arrived just over a year ago, but after the emotional turmoil caused by the heavy defeat in the Ryder Cup, the 32-year-old Northern Irishman seems to be his best version. Ready to reapply as.

McIlroy, for his part, believes that despite all his past achievements, and not to be forgotten, his vast wealth, he still has a desire and appetite to return to the top of golf, and thinks there are any questions about his motivation to rediscover the best. There are. The form is unfair and unreasonable.

“When I play my best, I still think I’m the best player in the world,” he said boldly before his debut on the CJ Cup 21/22 PGA Tour, which, of course, he went on to win. “Although I haven’t played for some time, I don’t think I needed to go back 18 months, when I was the number one player in the world.

“It simply came to our notice then. I have shown throughout my career that I care, that I want to win, that I want to be the best and that nothing has changed. Of course, there are a lot of great players out there who are playing really good golf, but you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ”
The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, with McIlroy showing more interest in his game than in the Ryder Cup, when he broke down in tears after being interviewed after winning his singles match – the only point he has scored in four outings in Europe’s heaviest match. Defeat in Whistling Strait. The emotional interview, which was full of domestic truth, went viral in a matter of minutes, and describing the Ryder Cup as a little more than an ‘exhibition’ during his youth in 2009, underscores how important matches are to him now. .

Looking back at the post-match interview, McIlroy admits to being surprised by his response, but also says that it shows that he often hooks himself up. “I can’t necessarily be that passionate about golf, so I guess it surprised me. But the Ryder Cup is always a very emotional week, “he said.” I said later that there were a lot of different thoughts and emotions. There was relief that I won a point, but there was frustration that I couldn’t do more than myself I couldn’t do much. There were a lot of different emotions going through me and it was all a bit overwhelming. “

He added: “I think sometimes I give myself too easy time and I try to play ‘golf doesn’t define me’ or I find balance in my life and I try to stay away from pleasure, and that’s obviously very true. , But if I’m being honest, I can sometimes use it as a way to reduce injury if I don’t play good golf.

“But I think it was a good thing for me. I think I’ve realized a few things about myself that I haven’t publicly acknowledged before. I was amazed at how emotional I was, but after thinking for a while over the last few weeks, I realized why I did it. “

The six-time Ryder Cup player insisted that Padrig Harrington could do nothing more and that Europe could not just hit standard golf shots or dig a fair portion of their putts. He said: “Padreg could do no more. Of course, the captains set the tone and they create some culture around the team, but at the end of the day the players keep hitting shots there and trying to punch holes and Europe didn’t hit shots or put holes. When you look back at it, America has drilled far more holes than we have and gained momentum faster. And when you’re away and trying to fight back, it’s very difficult. I certainly couldn’t criticize what Padrag did. It was up to the players to play better golf and we didn’t. “

Returning to his potential, McIlroy will not try to get back to the basics that he is adamant about, and defeat other players in their own game, as he admits he did with Bryson DeChambeu when he brought his new power game, this will be his way back. At the top

“The last few weeks have been a lot of reflection and that’s what I have to do. I just have to play golf, I need to simplify it, I just have to be me. For the past few months I’ve been trying to be someone else to try to be better and I’ve realized that my being is enough. I know that when I do something good, I can win a lot of events and be the best player in the world.

“It simply came to our notice then. It starts with being creative and being visual and not being so technical with it. Getting 20 wins here is a big achievement. I didn’t know it was going to happen this week, but I knew if I kept my head down and kept playing well and doing the right things, I would finally get there. I want to go back to where I was four or five times a year. “

With 20 wins comes lifetime membership on the PGA Tour, once you play 15 seasons. For McIlroy it will be official at the start of the 2023-24 season. “It’s very important, you don’t have to worry about the minimum on the tour and really be able to set a schedule, and especially when the kids reach school age and maybe want to spend a little more time at home, it’s important. Look, at that level, I can pick and choose where I play nowadays, but it makes it better and less burdensome. “

Jitun Shot Scope’s new Pro LX + – Golf News

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The laser component provides seven-bar laser magnification, a 900-yard range and target-lock vibration. In terms of GPS, it has 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide, without any added subscriptions or additional costs.

Over 100 performance insights are also available, each shot can be tracked using 16 tracking tags, golfers are able to use the free ShotScope mobile app or web dashboard to analyze their games, no additional subscription required.

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